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Milk Money Chapter 9


Chapter 9




I didn’t envy Edward at all. I’d never envied him really. Sure, he was rich and famous, but  everywhere he went people screamed his name. Hell, he couldn’t even stop off at a pub without it making the news. That wasn’t the life for me. I was rich too, not as rich as Edward, but I had enough money to do pretty much anything I wanted. I did get ten percent of everything Edward made and I’d had clients before him, though now I only managed Edward. It was more than enough work, and as I’d said, more than enough pay.


I didn’t envy his love life either. Tanya, or QB as I liked to call her, was typical of Hollywood’s leading ladies. Don’t get me wrong, there were tons of amazing women with huge hearts that would do anything for their men, but there were just as many heartless bitches out there willing to use their looks and bodies to get what they wanted. I wasn’t going to fall for that again. I’d been burned too many times.


If they weren’t after me for my money or after me for what I could do for their career, they were after me to get to Edward. The latter was the easiest to spot. Usually around date two or three, they’d start suggesting double dates with Edward and Tanya, or ask to go with me to work. Once there, they’d find Edward and conveniently forget I was the one who brought them there.


It wasn’t like I never dated, and I got laid plenty, I just made sure that it stayed casual. I figured a wife and kids wasn’t in the cards for me. I’d hit thirty last year, and unless I met someone soon, I wouldn’t have kids.


I liked kids, but some were really annoying. Take Bella’s kid sister Alice. She’d been picking up the dresses and I assumed she was the assistant there to get them. She’d been all over me too. If she wasn’t such a know it all, I’d probably have found her demeanor refreshing.


I was grateful for the fact that she and Bella had agreed to stay at the house. It would make things so much easier with the press and on Edward. Then again, with what I’d overheard, it just might make it harder on him. The public would crucify him if he left Tanya for Bella. They’d see Bella as a homewrecker and Tanya as an innocent victim. It couldn’t be more backward. He wasn’t just my only client, he was my best friend. I’d figure something out. It just might take a bit of time. Edward had promised he wouldn’t do anything rash, so at least I’d be able to come up with a plan.


It had been a long time since I’d heard a woman’s laugh in Edward’s house. Hell, maybe I’d never heard it. There was one laugh, then another, then a third that  echoed throughout the house. It was a wonderful sound.


Edward and I headed downstairs, as if drawn to the sound. Alice, Bella and Esme were all in the living room watching Elizabeth. She was playing peek a boo between her legs. I had to admit, it was adorable.


It wasn’t long after that, Emmett came into the house, his arms full of bags and boxes. “Tell me this is for more than one person!” he laughed.


“Of course it is!” Bella gasped. It was cute.

I watched as they unpacked the bags, checking over what they’d ordered. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the small pile of white fabric that appeared to be a swimming suit.


I stepped back a moment and whispered to Edward, “It’s gonna kill you if you have to see Bella in that little thing.” I motioned to the bikini.


Edward laughed. “I think I’ll be fine.” I didn’t know what he was laughing about until I looked back at the girls. Alice was holding it up. She turned and looked right at me. “Ready to settle our bet?”


I’d never backed down from a challenge, but the glint in her eye made me nervous. “Maybe now’s not the best time.”


She smirked. “Wow, you’re chicken? I guess you can just give me the ticket to the Oscars now. I don’t have to humiliate you.”


Oh it was on. “Oh hell no!” I said walking toward the sliding doors. “I keep a suit here and I’ll meet you at the pool in ten minutes, Bumble Bee. Once I kick your ass, I’ll go order the costume. I think you’ll look great in it!”


I didn’t say anything to Edward as we put on our trunks. I’d convinced myself that I’d win the race right up until I saw her standing on the deck of the pool. She looked amazing. She was small and had tiny breasts. I was usually into curvy girls, but on her, it looked perfect. The tiny white triangles barely covered her body. I heard Edward groan next to me and at first I thought he was looking at Alice too, but I saw his eyes were trained on Bella. She was wearing a navy blue one piece. The top was low cut and it looked like you couldn’t stuff any more breasts in there if you tried.

“Ready for me to kick your butt?” Alice giggled.

“Bring it, Bumble Bee!”


She dipped her toe into the water and smiled at me. "Shall we race to the end of the pool and back?"


How was I going to swim with an erection? I was fighting like hell to keep mine down. The suit didn't help.  Because I was afraid she’d see, I jumped into the water trying trying to hide it. She jumped in too and popped up next to me.  Fuck she was pretty.  


"To the end and back," she said with a smile.  


"Ready, set, go! " Edward called.


She was off with with a flash.  Water was splashing everywhere.  I thought I might be winning when I reached the other side and she wasn't there, but when I turned I saw that she was a full bodies length ahead of me. I couldn’t catch her. In the end, she beat me by over a bodies length.


“Oh I can’t wait to go shopping for a dress,” she said, climbing out of the pool, giving me a generous view of her ass.


She walked over to Bella and Esme, while Edward came and sat down on the edge of the pool, his legs in the water. “Did you throw that?” he asked.


“I wish. She’s fucking fast!”


“I know,” he laughed. “She was on the swim team.”


I shook my head. “Figures. Wait, why would you think I’d throw it?”


“Well, I thought maybe you wanted to take her to the Oscars.”


“No,” I said. “She just wanted a ticket. I was going to get her two seats in the balcony.” Then a thought popped into my head. I could take her as my date. “Do you think she’d like to go as my date?”


Edward laughed. “When have you ever doubted yourself with a woman before? Our conversation was cut short by a squeal and the sound of laughter coming from the other end of the pool. Elizabeth was loving the water. Edward dove in and swam to them with me close behind.


I don’t know how an hour went by in what felt like minutes, but before I knew it the six of us were getting out of the pool. Bella had said she’d heard Charlie fuss on the baby monitor so she rushed in to tend to him while Alice took care of Elizabeth. Esme had to go home and said her goodbyes. She promised to be back and bring the girls over some night during the week and possibly the next weekend.


I worked on the press release, adding a few photos. I decided on two of Edward and Charlie, one of Bella and Charlie and one of all five of them, Edward, Bella, Alice, Elizabeth and Charlie. I doubted any of the pictures would get printed. There was nothing sensational about a nanny. Edward and Bella in the pub exchanging the black bag made the front page. This would, at best, be a side column fifty pages in.


I left not long after Esme. I had things to do, and as much as I wanted to spend the night at Edward’s to get to know Bella and Alice more, I knew it would be better to be at home. I had an attraction to Alice that I knew was very likely one sided. I’d found out that she was nineteen years old. She was a sophomore in college. I was thirty years old. An eleven year age difference was huge. She was probably dating some college kid who liked to get drunk and stoned on weekends. I had done that, and while it was great, I had no desire to go back to that stage in my life.


Just because a relationship with Alice wasn’t in the cards, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t fantasize about her while I was in the shower that night. Cock in hand, I stroked it up and down slowly, imagining it was her mouth. Having her on her knees in front of me, looking up at me with those big brown eyes would be a dream come true. Her little mouth stretched tightly around my cock.


“Oh Alice,” I moaned as I fisted my cock, pushing it in and out of my hand. “That’s it sweetheart. Take it down your throat. Swallow it all. Swallow my cock, beautiful.”


My hand continued to move as I let the warm water wash over me. I closed my eyes and imagined her taking it all. Faster and faster I stroked my cock until I came in jets of white that washed down the drain despite my imagination picturing Alice gulping as I filled her throat with my come.


Maybe she and I couldn’t have a relationship, but damn if I couldn’t fantasize about getting her into bed. I fell asleep with thoughts of the little bumblebee on my mind.


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