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Milk Money Chapter 8


Chapter 8




There was no father in the picture? Bella was single? Why did that make me happy? I was with Tanya...well no I wasn’t. It was over, deep down I knew that. The brief happiness I felt, however misplaced it was, was quickly replaced by concern. Bella lived alone with her daughter and younger sister. That was minimally safe before, but now, given the press’ infatuation with her, it wasn’t safe at all.


I could hear Bella when I got to the top of the stairs. “Who’s a big boy?” she said in that voice reserved only for babies. I stood outside of the door a moment just enjoying the sound. “You’re so handsome. Yes you are. Sooo handsome, just like your daddy.”


Handsome? Just like me? Why did her words make my heart skip a beat? It wasn’t odd she thought I was handsome. I knew I was good looking. The problem with being good looking and famous is that you never know who is interested in you for yourself or for your fame.


While I could have stood there all day listening to Bella and my son, I didn’t want to be rude, and I wanted to spend some time with him as well.


I knocked quietly and went in. “There’s my boy!” I said walking up to him. He turned his head toward the noise and tried to focus his eyes. Bella held him out for me and I took him into my arms. Instead of disappearing, she remained there, smiling at him.


“He seemed to eat more calmly this time,” she explained.


“That’s great. I’m glad that he’s been full for two whole days now. He rarely cries and he’s had some very full diapers.”  I couldn’t help but laugh as I walked toward the changing table.


“Oh, I just changed him,” she said, her cheeks pink. “I hope that was alright.”


“Of course it’s alright. I have been so worried about Charlie not eating, I haven’t even taken time to look for a new nanny.”


“I really don’t mind,” she said sweetly.


I smiled at her kindness. “We’re lucky to have you, but I am going to need help here. Tanya isn’t around much and my sister, Esme, is only here until tomorrow. Her daughters spent the long weekend with their father. They share custody.”


Bella nodded. “I knew she had daughters. I didn’t know she wasn’t with their father. It must be tough.”


Bella didn’t know the half of it. Esme’s ex was a nightmare, and if he wasn’t huge in the film industry, I’d have used my power and influence to keep him away from her. “Alice mentioned to me that you’re not with Elizabeth’s father. Do you live alone?”


There she went with her cheeks again. I loved her blush, but she was shaking her head. Alice had said that the father wasn’t in the picture. Was there another man?

“I don’t live alone. I share my apartment with Alice.”


Duh. I knew that! “I’m worried about you though. With the paparazzi camped out at your house, I just…” I exhaled. “Look, would you stay here, at least tonight?”


Her brow furrowed. “I.. I could, but I don’t want to be away from Elizabeth, especially if it’s not safe. And I don’t want Alice to be there alone either.”


I had no idea what was going on. I was usually articulate and clear with my meaning, but Bella seemed to make it hard to think. I needed to clarify. “I understand your concern for your daughter and sister. It’s mine too. I’d like the three of you to spend the night tonight.”


She pulled her bottom lip into her mouth. “I’ll check with Alice, but it sounds like a good idea.”


I knew I had the goofiest smile on my face just then, but her decision meant that she’d be safe and my son would have what he needed all night, and if I was willing to admit it to myself, I’d have a chance to get to know Bella a bit better.


I was only playing with Charlie for a few minutes when I heard a sound from down the hall.


“Mama...mama...mama…” came the sweet voice of a very young child.


Bella’s head snapped up and she moved to the doorway. Following the sound down the hall and to the room next door, she found her daughter standing in a portable crib. I bought it for Charlie when Tanya was pregnant, but we’d never used it.


Tears nearly came to my eyes when I saw the little girl’s face light up the moment Bella walked into the room. “MAMA!” she cried out happily and her little hands let go of the side of the crib and began flapping in the air. She lost her balance and landed with a thud on her bottom, but she didn’t seem to mind. She was still beaming when Bella picked her up.


She wrapped her arms around Bella’s neck and buried her face in her mother’s chest. “I missed you too,” Bella said making my heart melt and at the same time feel guilty for keeping her away from her daughter so long.


When she released her mother from her hug, she turned to look at me, though she seemed much more interested in Charlie. “Baby?” she asked her mother.


“Yes, this is a baby. Baby Charlie. Say hi to Charlie.”


“Hi Baby,” Elizabeth said rather clearly.


She continued to look at Charlie who was also staring at her. “Libeth’s baby,” she said with a smile.


I wasn’t quite sure what she’d said, but Bella understood. “No. It’s not Elizabeth’s baby. It’s Edward’s baby. Can you say hi to Edward?”


I smiled at her as she looked at me. Unlike with Charlie, she didn’t say a word to me. Instead, she turned her head and buried her face in the crook of her mother’s neck.


Bella chuckled. “I guess another woman is affected by the good looks of the sexiest man alive.”


For a moment, I thought that she was saying that she thought I was the sexiest man alive, until I realized she was making a reference to the fact that I’d been voted the sexiest man alive two years earlier.


Eventually Elizabeth looked back at me and smiled. After a few attempts at peek a boo, and using Charlie as my shield, she giggled and said, “Hi.”


We had a bit more playtime before heading downstairs to get something to eat for lunch. I was still holding Charlie and Bella had Elizabeth in her arms. Bella had combed Elizabeth’s hair and put it in pigtails and she wanted her mother to do the same to Charlie. We were still laughing about it when we hit the top of the stairs. Alice, Esme and Jasper looked up from the room below and all three had their mouths hanging open. Apparently our laughter had startled them.


“Let me talk to my sister about spending the night,” Bella said, walking down the stairs and moving toward Alice. The two of them stepped into the other room to talk.


“What?” I said to Esme and Jasper when they were out of earshot.


“What do you mean what?” Esme said. “You four were the picture of a happy family.”


What she said should have made me happy, but it didn’t. All it did was remind me of what I didn’t have. I’d thought Tanya was bitchy because she was pregnant, and then after because she’d just had a baby.


I looked down at Charlie who was sucking on his thumb with his eyes half closed. He looked so peaceful, carefree. I was envious. I was just so glad that he was full and seemed to be so much healthier.


“Someone looks full,” Esme said with a smile looking at Charlie.


“Yes. I can’t thank you enough for suggesting this and finding Bella.”


“I’m just glad it worked out. You need to take care of you too. When is the last time you sat down and had a meal?” It had been a while, before Charlie had been born. I’d survived on protein shakes and energy bars. I didn’t even respond. “That’s what I thought,” Esme laughed. “I made lunch. Let’s all eat.”


I took Charlie up to his room and laid him in his bassinet. When I walked into the kitchen for lunch, I was met by a chorus of laughter. Elizabeth was sitting at the table and had macaroni and cheese all over her face. She had both fists full of the yellow-orange noodles and was trying to put both in her mouth at the same time.


I sat down at the table and helped myself to the burgers, macaroni and cheese and salad Esme had made. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed food and even more, the company that went with it.


“Thank you so much for lunch,” Bella said, looking at me and Esme.


“It’s our pleasure and it’s nothing. I’m heading back to my house this afternoon. My girls will be coming back from spending the long weekend with their father. Besides, after what you’ve done for Charlie, it’s the least anyone could do,” Esme responded.


“I’m so grateful.” I added. “And I’m so sorry about the tabloids and this mess. I wasn’t thinking when I showed up at the pub.”


“It’s okay,” Bella answered. “And I talked to Alice. She thinks it’s a good idea to spend the night here too, tonight.”


“That’s great,” Jasper piped in. “Gives us a bit more time to release a statement. Honestly, just saying Bella’s the nanny is probably the best bet.”


“I am going to have to hire another nanny though. Bella has school, and she’ll need to go home to spend time with Elizabeth.”


“What if they just stayed here? There is plenty of room for the both of them.”


I didn’t like talking about Bella right in front of her and putting her on the spot. It didn’t really solve the problem either. “I’d still need a nanny. Bella’s job is to feed Charlie.”


“Oh, I don’t mind feeding Charlie and doing the nanny duties, but if I moved in here full time, I wouldn’t have anyone to watch Elizabeth.”


“I could still watch her, I guess. I mean, I could come over here,” Alice said.


“How do you watch her? Aren’t you a full time student?” Esme asked.


“Yeah, I take a full load, five classes, but Bella is only going to take one. I watch Elizabeth  while Bella is at work. that's why she works nights"


"What if you moved in here too?" Jasper asked.


I expected a chorus of reasons from Bella and Alice,  but the two of them just looked at each other then me with their mouths open. Finally Alice spoke. “Where would we even stay?”


“There are like nine bedrooms upstairs,” Jasper laughed. “There’s also a guest suite on this floor with it’s own entrance. It’s bigger than my first apartment.”


“We couldn’t impose and invade Edward and Tanya’s space.” It was Bella who spoke that time, and while Tanya wouldn’t be thrilled there were people in our house, she’d be less thrilled with the idea of taking care of Charlie herself. In fact, we’d discussed having a nanny while she was pregnant. She insisted that we have one on duty at all times. I had another week off until the filming  started for the television show I’d agreed to star in. The second nanny I’d interviewed was scheduled to start then, but her contract was for two evenings and two days per week. It was to give the regular nanny time off. I hoped she worked out better than the full time one did. It still made me mad that she’d quit on Charlie. Bella had bonded with him in a day more than the first nanny had in the five days she’d been with him.


I sighed thinking about interviewing nannies again. It would be so perfect to just have Bella here, and if Alice could stay, maybe she’d be able to help out part time. I understood why they wouldn’t want to stay though. Who would want to deal with this shit. They already were hiding from the press and it was day one. They hadn’t even seen how it could get when Tanya was home. I did want them to know that it wasn’t an imposition though. “You know that Jasper’s right. There’s enough room here for all three of you, and it wouldn’t be an imposition at all.”


“You’re serious?” Alice asked. “Like we could stay here and give up the apartment.?”


“Are you really considering it?” I asked, my attention now fully on her. Even Bella sat up.


“Well, I don’t want to speak for Bella, but it seems like a great opportunity. Even if it was just for the fall semester.” She turned to Bella. “Maybe you could take two classes then. We wouldn’t have to pay rent and you can quit your job at O’Malley’s. I’ll still watch Elizabeth so you can take care of Charlie and when you are in class.”


“That does seem… well, yeah, it would be great actually. Are you sure about this Edward?”


I knew I was smiling. “Of course, but I’d just want to make it official, paperwork and such, and I’d like to offer Alice a position. As my employee, Bella, I’d like to offer you child care as a service while you are caring for Charlie. I’ll hire a nanny to watch both children. It’s a full time position, but I still need to give her off two evenings a week and two days. Alice, if you’re willing you could be the part time Nanny.”


“Two days a week and two evenings?” Alice asked me.


“Yes, to watch Elizabeth and Charlie.”


“I can take care of Elizabeth when I’m here,” Bella said quickly. “I don’t need someone to take care of her when I’m here.”


“I didn’t mean to imply that you couldn’t,” I said quickly. “I just want you to be able to nurse Charlie and since that can be time consuming and be at odd hours, I just wanted to help.” I turned to Alice. “I could offer you 1,500 a week, for the two days and two evenings.” I’d contacted Buntington Nannies, and their pay scale was 2,400 to 4,600. I was offering her six thousand a month for part time, but I wanted to help her out and I had just negotiated a contract for a million dollars an episode, so six thousand a month seemed like a bargain to me.


Bella smiled. “Well thank you. I do appreciate it. We’ll talk it over.”


The look on Alice’s face was priceless. It was clear that she thought it was a good idea and there was nothing to talk over. Just in case, Bella had a way to change Alice’s mind, I added one more thought. “I do want to say that if you decide not to accept and move in, please let me hire a bodyguard to watch your apartment until you can move to a safer location, something with a doorman. I’d pay for it, and the moving. And before you say no, it’s the least I can do since this is all my fault in the first place.”


Again Bella smiled but Alice was ear to ear smiles. “That’s very kind of you. We’ll think about it.”


I nodded then looked over at Elizabeth and had to laugh. While we’d been having this serious conversation that would affect the lives of nearly everyone at the table, including her, she’d continued “eating.” She had the cheese sauce all over her face and she even had noodles in her hair.


Bella turned and gasped before giggling. “Why don’t we wash you up,” Bella said. She stood and walked over to Elizabeth and picked her up. “Can I get a little help?” she asked Alice.


They left the room and I turned to Jasper. He was smiling. “I bet they say yes,” he gloated.


“I hope so. It would be so great for Charlie.”


“Tanya’s not going to like it,” Jasper added.


“Tanya doesn’t like anything,” Esme chimed in. She got up and started to clear the table. She removed several plates and was rinsing them before she stopped and turned around. She walked back to the table. “Edward, do what’s best for you and your son. Surround him with people who love him.” I nodded in agreement. She took a deep breath. “I know it’s hard, but maybe it’s time to cut the negative out of your life”


I knew what she meant. She meant Tanya. She had experience with that. It hadn’t been long since she’d ended things with her husband, and it hadn’t gone well so far. She was still in a custody battle for her girls. I knew it was a hard subject to talk about for her.


“I’ve been thinking about that Esme. Tanya and I need to do some serious talking when she gets back.”


Esme nodded and continued to work on the dishes. Alice and Bella came back in the kitchen with a very clean, though undressed Elizabeth. “I didn’t have a change of clothes. I have diapers, but I wasn’t planning on being out of the house for more than a few minutes when I took her on a walk,” Alice explained. “I usually keep an emergency outfit in there, but I used it yesterday when she fell in a puddle at the park. I forgot to put in another one.”


“I can send Emmett to your house or he can go shopping. Come to think of it, it’s probably a better idea just to shop. Emmett being at your house would create an entirely new set of problems. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to go out though. I wish I had something lying around here.”


“It’s fine, she can run around in a diaper for a while. Emmett can just pick up anything at any store. She wears a size eighteen months.”


“I thought she was just turning one,” I said.


“She is, but she’s a bit big for her age. She always has been. She barely fit into newborn clothes. I think it’s because I nursed her.”


I sighed. “Charlie swims in his newborn clothes. He was born a bit early though. Tanya had a C-section scheduled before she was due so she wouldn’t go into labor accidentally.”


I didn’t tell them that the reason she didn’t want to go into labor was that she didn’t want to deal with the pain or any potential damage to her lady parts. At the time I’d tried to be understanding. I mean, I wouldn’t want pain or my cock to get destroyed, but I would have done anything to ensure my son was healthy. It further pissed me off because she’d refused to be intimate her entire pregnancy stating she looked fat and didn’t want me to see her nude.


“I’ll bet you’ll be surprised how fast he starts to grown now,” Esme said finishing putting away the extra food. “Why don’t we grab a laptop and pick out a few things online. We can have them wrap it up and then all Emmett will have to do is pick it up at the store.”


“That’s a good idea. Knowing Emmett he’d come home with a size eighteen month leather jacket and a t-shirt that says something like ‘Born to be Wild.’”


Everyone laughed at the thought. “Alice and I did talk,” Bella said, sobering up the moment. Jasper, Esme and I stared at her with baited breath.


“And?” Jasper said.


“Well, if the offer still stands, we’d like to take you up on it. The three of us would move in. I’ll stay in that room you showed me upstairs, and Elizabeth in the one next door. Alice can stay upstairs too or in the guest suite.”


“Alice, why don’t you stay in the suite. You won’t have to hear Charlie at night, and you can have a bit more privacy. Of course, you three can have full use of the house, but you can also use the space in there if you want privacy,” I suggested.


“Won’t Tanya care? I mean that’s a lot of us moving in,” Bella said. It was the first time she’d mentioned Tanya.


“Well, Tanya was the one who insisted that I hire round the clock live-in help. And really, she’s not here much. She works a lot and is always out. This week it’s the spa, but it’s always something with her. Even when she’s here, she’s working out or locked in her room. She really does spend a lot of time at the spa.”


“Well, if you’re sure,” Bella said


“Yes, I’m sure. I think this is what’s best for everyone.”  


“Now, to get that little princess dressed. I have my computer in the living room,” Esme said.


Bella and Alice followed Esme and I into the living room. Jasper said he wanted to work on the press release. He had a few ideas and he’d run them by us in a few minutes.


Esme went online and clicked on a few things. “Look at these jeans. Aren’t they adorable?” They looked like pants to me, but both Alice and Bella seemed to agree.


“They are so cute, and would look great with that top,” Alice said pointing at the little girl on the screen.


“Oh my God!” Bella said a second later. “Is that the price? I can’t afford that. It’s over a hundred dollars for just that shirt and jeans! Can’t we just go to Wal-Mart?”


“We could send Emmett to a Wal-Mart, but here we can just shop and get what we need. Edward’s paying anyway, right Edward?”


I laughed. “Yes, it’s the least I can do. Keep in mind that Tanya regularly spends over a thousand dollars on a handbag or a pair of shoes. Spending a few hundred dollars is fine. Make sure to get her pajamas too. Shit… get yourselves pajamas and clothes for tomorrow as well. I’d just tell you to take something out of Tanya’s closet. Lord knows she has more clothing than she can ever wear, but I don’t want to push her style on you and she’s funny about her clothing.”


“I don’t need anything. I can wash this and wear it again tomorrow. Maybe I can just sleep in one of your old t-shirts tonight,” Bella said.


The fact that my cock moved at her words, at the thought of her sleeping in one of my t-shirts, should have set off warning bells, but the truth is, I just didn’t care. It had been so long since I’d felt any sort of attraction to a woman, that I welcomed the feeling. Besides, I’d never act on it. I was with Tanya, and Bella hadn’t shown any interest in me in that way.


As much as I wanted to see her in one of my t-shirts, I had to be a gentleman. “Please, order clothes for tomorrow and pajamas for tonight.” I’d send Emmett over to get some of their things from their house later...unless it was still swarmed by paparazzi. “Just make it two outfits in case we have trouble getting to your house to get your things tomorrow.” I loved to watch them shop anyway.


“We have to get our swimming suits from the house,” Alice said with a giggle. “I’m racing Jasper in the pool. The winner gets a prize, so when I win, Jasper has to get me a ticket to the Oscars.”


Bella started to laugh. “Does he know that you were on the swim team and medaled in State?”


Now even I was laughing. “Jasper’s a good swimmer, but damn!”


“Did I hear my name?” Jasper asked, walking back into the room with a few pieces of paper in his hands.


“You sure did!” Alice said with a huge smile on her face. “I was just telling everyone about how I was going to beat you swimming and then Oscars here I come!”


“You wish Bumblebee. Let’s race right now!” he said, stepping up so that he and Alice were toe to toe. She only came to his shoulder, but she still looked intimidating.


“Hmph,” she said, still not backing down. “If I had a swimsuit, I would.”


“Well, by all means, order a suit so we can all swim this afternoon. Order one for yourself too, Bella,” I added. Again my cock jumped at the thought of her in a suit. I clearly had a problem. She was the woman who was nursing my son. She wasn’t a sexual plaything. I had Tanya for that. Who was I kidding. I had my hand for that!


Alice and Bella giggled as they picked out suits. Esme called the store and asked if the particular items could be picked up and of course they agreed. Emmett said he’d go pick the things up at the boutique.


“While we wait, I’d like to go over the press release I’ve been working on. Please let me know if you can’t go along with any part of this.” Jasper cleared his throat and began reading from the paper. “Edward Cullen and Tanya Denali are happy to share photographs of their son, Charles Cullen at one week old.  Charlie, seen here, is thriving. In this second photo, Charlie is seen with one of his nannies, Alice Swan. Alice was hired when Charlie’s first nanny had to leave her position unexpectedly. Charlie’s other nanny, Bella Swan, photographed below with Edward Cullen was also hired on. Wanting to provide as much stability as possible for Charlie, Edward decided hiring the pair of nannies was best. Bella, mother of one-year-old Elizabeth Swan, and her sister Alice will live at the Cullen estate to provide a family type atmosphere since both Edward and Tanya’s careers are so demanding.”


Jasper looked at us waiting for a response.


“Sounds good to me,” I said. “Bella? Alice?”


They both nodded. “Now we just need the pictures. I’ll try to snap a few today. If the people want pictures, let’s give them some, but we get to choose which ones.”


The afternoon went quickly. Bella nursed Charlie again. Alice scouted out the guest room and made herself at home in there. I made a few calls for work and then retreated to my room. It had been a long day and I figured a quick nap might refresh me.


I’d only been laying down a few minutes when I heard a knock at the door. “Come in,” I said sitting up in bed. The door opened and Bella walked in. “Is something wrong?” I asked as she made her way over to me.


“No, nothing is wrong,” she said, stopping at the edge of the bed. “It’s just that I saw how you were looking at me, and I wanted to let you know that I feel the same way.”


“ do?” I stammered.


“Yes. I want you Edward. I want to have your cock in my mouth.”


“What about Tanya?” I asked, trying to make sense of what was going on.


“There is no more Tanya. She’s gone. It turns out she wasn’t Charlie’s mother, I am.” Bella dropped to her knees and looked up at me. “Now how about that blow job?”


It was about that time that even in my dream, I realized it wasn’t really happening. I didn’t care though, I just went with it.


“Oh fuck, Bella. I want that. I want you!” I pulled down my pants and thrust my cock into her warm, wet mouth. She made sucking sounds along with her moaning that had me so fucking hard. “I’m going to cum in your mouth,” I gasped.


“No Edward, fuck me. Make love to me!” I watched in amazement as Bella stood and removed her clothes slowly. I finally got a look at her nude body. She had full breasts with dusty pink nipples.


I placed my hands on her waist and lifted her, setting her in the center of my bed. My hands slid up her slender body to her breasts. I cupped them gently then lifted her firm tits. She looked up at me and stared into my eyes. “Take me now Edward,” she moaned.


I moved onto the bed with her and placed her ankles on my shoulders. I wanted to be able to see her face, her tits while I fucked her. Fisting my cock, I rubbed it along her slick folds.


“Please, Edward!” she moaned.


“Bella… yes, Bella… oh Bella!” I cried as I shifted my weight and prepared to enter her.


“Edward! Edward!” I heard her crying my name, but something was wrong. I hadn’t even put my cock inside of her yet. Something was off about her voice too. It sounded like Jasper. My consciousness started to break through. “Edward?” I heard him call again, clearly this time.


I opened my eyes to find that I had my pants open and my cock in my hand. I’d been masturbating in my sleep!


“Jesus Edward… open the fucking door!”


I jumped out of bed and zipped up my pants. “I’m coming,” I said, moving to the door. I didn’t even realize I’d locked it.


The second I opened it Jasper burst in. “What the fuck is wrong with you? Were you in here jerking off thinking about Bella?”


I knew my eyes widened giving me away. “How… how did you know?”


He looked back at me incredulously. “Because you were pretty much shouting her name!”


I knew my face was bright red. I felt the heat coming off of my cheeks. “You could hear me?” I asked, though the answer was obvious. “Could she hear me? Did anyone else hear me?”


“No, Bella took Alice on a tour of the house and grounds. They are outside.”


I sighed. “Thank God.”


Jasper was still staring at me then he burst out laughing. “So you got it bad for the nanny. You know you can’t fuck her, right?”


I did know that, for several different reasons, but it didn’t stop my mind from wandering to the thought. It was probably some form of Florence Nightingale syndrome anyway. She seemed like a wonderful person who genuinely cared about Charlie’s well being, but she’d shown no interest in me physically, and even if she did, I couldn’t risk losing her if things went south.


“I know I can’t, Jasper. It’s just been a really long time since I’ve been laid.”


“Well they say you have to wait for six weeks after a baby is born, but didn’t Tanya have a C-section?”


“Yeah she did. And I wouldn’t mind waiting, but it’s been since she was like two months pregnant. As soon as we found out she was pregnant, she stopped wanting to have sex. First it was because she didn’t feel well. Then she was tired. Then she felt fat. I didn’t want to be an ass about it, so I didn’t say anything.”


“I don’t know what to tell you. The public loves you and you two just had a baby together, not to mention that you’re engaged and are supposed to get married sometime this year.”


“What would happen if we didn’t? What would happen if I just ended the whole thing?”


Jasper just stared at me a moment. “You’d take a huge hit in the public eye. People would see  Tanya as an innocent victim. They would say that she carried your baby and then you refused to marry her. If there was another woman, that woman would be seen as a homewrecker.”


I looked down. Was my life really this fucked up? Was I going to have to choose between my career and being miserable the rest of my life?


“Hey,” Jasper said. “As your agent, it’s an awful idea to leave QB, but as your friend, do what’s right for you. No matter what, you’ll bounce back. Just promise me you won’t do anything rash.”


“I won’t,” I said. “Tanya comes home next week, right before the Oscars. Maybe things will be different. If they aren’t, I’ll talk to her. Maybe she’s miserable too.”


The sound of laughter filled the house as Bella voice echoed up the stairs.


“She really is something else,” Jasper smiled. “She’s so sweet and giving. She’s nothing like her sister. What the hell is it with that girl? I mean, she walked right up to me and started going off about how I was talking about Tanya. Then she challenged me to a contest. Me! I never lose at anything!”


His face was so animated. He was gesturing and at first I thought he was angry, but that wasn’t it. He was excited. That little girl, barely five feet tall, had come into his life like a tornado and had turned his world upside down, and he didn’t even know it yet, but it was written all over his face.


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