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Chapter 20




“Bella, are you awake?” he whispered. I was almost asleep, completely relaxed. I was starting to respond when he spoke. “I love holding you. I’d love to hold you forever. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted. Bella, I love you.”

My heart raced, and I thought for sure he’d know I was awake. I had no idea what to say. I loved him too. I’d known it a long time, long before Tanya was gone, but I’d denied myself the feeling, knowing it was impossible since he was with her. Now, I could bask in the feeling, and I did. I let the weight of his words settle in on me as I drifted off to sleep.

I hoped to sleep in, since I didn’t have to get up for Charlie, but my breasts didn’t know I had the night off. At five in the morning I woke, feeling engorged. I’d only been asleep a few hours, but since I hadn’t nursed in the evening, I felt like I was going to burst. I was still in Edward’s arms and I didn’t want to lose the feeling, but I had to get up and go pump.

He didn’t wake when I slipped from his arms and out of his room. I’d grabbed a towel and wrapped myself in it, though I didn’t expect to see anyone. I hooked up the pump in Charlie’s room. It was odd being in there without Charlie, but it did give me a moment to reflect on what had happened. It had been the best sex of my life, but it was more than that. It was the best sleep I’d ever had and the bath had been that of a fantasy.

I couldn’t help but think about what Edward had said right before he fell asleep. He’d said he loved me. I’d nearly answered him that I loved him too, but I felt I’d ruin the magic of the moment by saying anything.

I finished pumping and put the milk in the small fridge that was in the room. I was wide awake, but I wanted more time to lie in bed with Edward. When I got back to his room, he was still asleep. He looked beautiful sleeping there in the soft glow of morning light under a sheet. I looked his body over from head to toe, stopping at his very prominent morning erection. I smiled as I climbed back onto the bed. He didn’t wake as I pulled the sheet down, nor did he when I took his cock gently in my hands. He did moan, however, when I licked the tip and sucked his head into my mouth.

“Bella,” he said sleepily. I wondered if he was awake or dreaming of me. My heart raced at the thought that I filled his dreams. The longer I sucked, the more awake he became. His fingers brushed over my cheeks before his hands wound their way into my hair. “Oh, fuck Bella, that feels so good,” he moaned. I loved his words of praise, but I was on a mission. He’d made me come a few hours earlier with only the use of his tongue; I wanted to do the same for him. He stayed still for a while, letting me move at my own pace. I used my tongue to cup his shaft while my fingers massaged his balls. I could tell he liked it when I sucked really hard because he would buck his hips slightly and moan my name. The longer I continued, the louder he got. “Bella, oh God. Don’t stop.”

I wasn’t planning on it, until I brought him pleasure. I could tell he was getting closer when his cock continued to grow and grow in my mouth “Fuck… Bella… wait.. I’m going to come,” he said, trying to pull out of my mouth.

I didn’t want him to pull out. I wanted to taste him just as he tasted me. I slammed my head down, and he screamed out, “BELLA!” then filled my mouth. I drank him down eagerly, still sucking and licking; although Edward had an entirely different type of moan. “That was amazing,” he exhaled, when I finally released him from my mouth.

“I’m glad you liked it. Maybe I can do it again sometime.” I giggled.

“You can wake me up like that every day!” he teased, pulling me up and into his arms.

It was still early, and I let my head rest on his chest. Before I knew it I’d fallen asleep again.

I woke to the feel of light kisses on my shoulder. I moaned softly and the kisses became more fevored. His mouth moved to my neck, his hand to my breasts. “I was dreaming about you,” he said between kisses. “I always dream about you, but this time when I woke you were in my bed. I have to have you. Please tell me you’re not too sore, Bella.”

“I’m not too sore,” I whispered, as his hand moved between my legs. His fingers massaged my clit in a slow circular motion.

“Are you sure?” He pressed a finger inside of me.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, trying to remember how to speak.

He pulled his finger out and rolled on top of me. Forehead to forehead, he entered me. It was slow and sensual for about a minute. “Bella, I… I want to…”

“I want it too,” I groaned, arching my back and thrusting my hips up to meet his. A look of lust flashed through his eyes. He grabbed my ankles and placed them on his shoulders. His cock was still inside of me. He moved, taking long, slow strokes, building his speed. Each thrust was deliberate, lifting me slightly off the bed. I began to moan and whimper, while he groaned with each thrust. The sound of skin slapping skin filled the room.

“EDWARD!” I screamed out when he was pounding into me furiously.

“Fuck Bella, you’re so tight. You feel so good.”

I had no idea how he was talking at the speed he was moving. It was hard and fast and I could feel every muscle in my body preparing for my orgasm, which was building at a monumental pace. “Edward… Edward… EDWARD!” I screamed as my body shook.

“BELLA!” he roared, slamming into me wildly. “BELLA!”

“I’M… FUCK... EDWARD!” I cried out, feeling my entire body tense up, then a glorious moment later relax into what felt like jello.

Edward was right with me. He’d gone still too, crying out, “BELLA, MY BELLA,” as he filled me with his come.

We lay there, panting, for a few minutes before Edward spoke. “That was so amazing. Please tell me I didn’t hurt you. I promise not to be so rough next time, if I did.”

I loved his words. First of all, he was concerned he’d hurt me. And second, he was talking about a next time. “I’m not hurt...and next time, you can go harder, if you want. I loved it.”

He chuckled. “Where have you been my whole life?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I don’t know about your whole life, but for the past month, I’ve been living down the hall.”

He pulled me into a hug, and I swore I heard him murmur into my neck, “Well, that’s gonna change.”

We held each other like that for a while. Edward gave my neck a big kiss then pulled back. “Bella, Baby, are you hungry?”

I was going to say no, that I wanted to stay in bed with him all day, but the truth was that I was famished. “Actually, I think breakfast would be a great idea.” I turned to face him.

“Good, cause I’m starving.” He gave me a tight squeeze, letting me go and sliding out of bed. I watched his magnificent ass walk across the room and over to his dresser. He opened a drawer and grabbed a pair of shorts and then pulled out a T-shirt. I watched him cover his amazing ass with the shorts, though he left his chest bare. He walked over to me and handed me the shirt. “Thought you’d like to wear something to breakfast, though I’d prefer to watch you eat naked. Then again, if Emmett or Jasper is there, I’d have to kill them if they saw how spectacular your body was.”

After having a child, it was wonderful to hear that someone thought your body was sexy. I pulled on the shirt and climbed out of bed. My legs shook for a moment. I swore I saw Edward smirk. “Fuck yeah,” he chuckled. “Let me carry you to breakfast.”

Before I could say a word, he scooped me into his arms bridal style and carried me down the hall. It was a bit scary on the stairs, and I buried my head in his shoulder. He just laughed. “I got you, Baby.” We were still laughing when he pushed open the kitchen door. He stopped short and spun me around so that his back was to the kitchen. I pulled my head up to see why. The kitchen was full, and I knew his T-shirt wasn’t covering much past my ass.

“Morning,” Edward said. I looked up to see he was pink. “I didn’t know everyone was up.”

Jasper chuckled. “Someone was screaming something…”

“Oh God,” I moaned.

“No, I think it was Oh, Edward,” Alice teased.

“Can you walk, Baby,” Edward whispered. Though I was sure everyone heard because Emmett stifled a laugh.

“Uh-huh,” I answered, causing him to set me down.

My legs were still shaky, and Emmett looked up. “Damn, Boss…” Edward shot him a look, and Em shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry.”

Edward turned to me. “Sit down, let me make you breakfast.”

“There’s a ton of scrambled eggs and hash browns,” Alice said. “If you want that.”

We sat down at the table and Elizabeth looked up from her eggs. “Hi, Mommy!”

“Hi, Honey.” I smiled at her. “Did you have fun at Aunt Alice’s?” I asked.

“Yes. Fun. And Dasper fun.”

Jasper turned a bit pink on the tips of his ears. “Did you have fun sleeping over last night?” I asked him. It was my turn to poke fun. I knew there was something going on between him and my sister. She could have easily watched Charlie and Elizabeth with no help.

“Yes, it was fun,” he said, keeping it short.

“Now, where did you sleep? I hope that the sofa wasn’t too uncomfortable.”

The pink spread from his ears to his cheeks. I didn’t know if he was about to answer, but Alice jumped in. “I’m sure he didn’t get much sleep. There was a lot of yelling going on last night. And again late last night, and then this morning. What was that about? Were you and Edward lost and trying to find each other? I kept hearing you scream each other’s names.”

“Okay, okay,” I laughed. “It’s a don’t ask don’t tell policy.”

Alice smiled. “I’m saying nothing.”

We laughed and ate breakfast. Charlie started to fuss as we were finishing up. “I’ve got him,” Edward said, scooping him from his infant seat.

“Actually, can I?” I asked.

“No, you just relax,” Edward smiled.

I felt the blush creep up. “I, uh, I need to nurse.”

Edward smiled and whispered loudly to Charlie, “Lucky!”

I took him upstairs to nurse. I thought it was the end of our date, but to my surprise a few minutes later there was a soft knock at the door. “Come in,” I called, making sure I was covered.

Edward poked his head in. “I missed you.”

Every time he smiled at me my heart raced. This was no different. Feeding Charlie went fast with Edward there talking to me. We planned our afternoon. We’d barbeque and go swimming with Charlie and Elizabeth.

It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon. I watched Jasper and Alice, but Emmett and Rosalie held my attention more. The two of them bantered the entire time. They either hated each other or they were really into each other. I wanted to know more, but Edward kept distracting me with his sexy body and amazing smile.

The day flew and before I knew it, it was bed time. I was tucking Elizabeth in and nursing Charlie; putting him down for what would hopefully be six hours. He was sleeping longer and longer now.

Edward had been talking to Jasper when I’d gone up to nurse Charlie, but when I came out the house was quiet. I saw Edward’s bedroom door was closed. I wanted to say goodnight, but I also didn’t want to wake him. He didn’t have work in the morning, but I knew he’d gotten very little sleep the previous night.

With a small sigh, I turned and went to my own room. I’d turned off the light and climbed in bed. I was nearly asleep when I heard my doorknob turn. I looked toward the crack of light that shone in from the hallway. “Bella?” Edward whispered.

I rolled over and smiled. “Yes?”

“I, uh, were you asleep?”

“No, not really.”

He was quiet for a minute. “Can I come in then?”

I bit my lip to keep from giggling. “Yeah, come in.”

He entered and closed the door. I didn’t know where he was, but I felt the bed dip down as he sat on it. “I wanted to say goodnight. I finished talking to Jasper, and then I was reading over some papers he gave me downstairs. I thought I heard your door close. If you’d rather be alone, I can go.”

I didn’t respond; I just leaned over and kissed him hard on the lips. He let his head fall back onto the pillow and pulled me on top of him. My eyes had adjusted to the light again and I could see his beautiful face. “Don’t go,” I whispered, leaning to kiss him.

I wasn’t sure when the kissing stopped and the sex started. It kind of all blended together, but in the aftermath, my lips were slightly swollen and my body was very satiated.

“I didn’t think it could get better,” Edward whispered, still kissing my collarbone. “Each time I think, this is the best sex of my life, it gets better.”

I thought he’d get up and go to his bed, but he pulled me to him and buried his face in my hair. I smiled and waited for him to speak. He was quiet and we could have easily fallen asleep, but I needed to talk to him about something that had been on my mind all day. “Edward?” I said softly.

“Yes, Bella,” he said in that voice which made my toes curl.

I wanted to get lost in the feeling, but I didn’t want to let this moment pass. It was something that I wanted to address. “I just want to talk to you about something.”

I felt Edward stiffen up. “Do you want me to go to my own room?” he responded, surprising me.

“What? No,” I answered. “I wanted to talk to you about something you said. Last night, when we were, um, in bed, after...uh…you asked if I was awake, and I was about to say yes when you loved me.”

There was silence from Edward. Finally he said something. “I thought you were asleep.”

My heart sank. What did that mean? “Does that mean you didn’t mean it?” I asked, feeling like a teenager asking a boy to check the box that says “love” on a note.

“Of course I meant it,” Edward whispered into the back of my neck. “I’ve tried to show you all night long how much I love you, and just now. I just didn’t want to make you feel pressured to say it back.”

I smiled and rolled over to face him. “I don’t feel pressure to say it, but I do love you. I love you with all of my heart, Edward Cullen.”

He exhaled. “I love you so much. I never knew it could be like this. I just wish we could go public.”

I giggled. “There will be time for that. I’m in no rush.”

“I love that about you,” he chuckled. “You’re so laid back.”

“That’s what you love about me?” I asked, pulling back a bit.

“Yes that, and your breasts. I love those too! I have become a recent fan of your ass as well, just so you know.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Seriously, though,” he said, “I do love that you’re laid back, down to earth. I love that you’re a great mother to Elizabeth and Charlie, even though he’s not your son.”

“I feel like he’s mine.” I closed my eyes, smiling. “I feel like we’ve been a family all along.” I knew Charlie wasn’t mine by blood, but I loved him. I thought about how he might not even be Edward’s by blood. It didn’t seem to bother him.

I fell asleep to the feel of his gentle puffs of breath on my forehead. We were still nude from our lovemaking, and I wouldn’t have thought anything of it until I heard little feet running down the hall.

“No, let’s not wake Mommy,” Emmett’s voice boomed. Though you could tell he was trying to whisper. The doorknob wiggled. Edward’s house had the kind that were like simple levers, and she pulled it easily. The door swung open just as Edward pulled the covers from me to cover himself from Elizabeth’s eyes. The problem was, in doing so, he’d left the sheet only covering my bottom. I was topless with Elizabeth opened the door. Emmett was standing behind her. “Oh my God!” he shouted, picking up Elizabeth and turned his back a moment too late.

“What the hell?” Edward yelled, twisting to face me and pulling the sheet up over me exposing himself. Behind him I could see Alice come into view to see what the yelling was about.

“OH MY GOD!” she giggled. “Nice ass!”

“What the hell?” Edward growled, trying to spin around but keep us both covered.

“Who has a nice ass?” I heard Rosalie call from down the hallway.

“Edward does!” Alice giggled.

“Why are you looking at Edward’s ass?” Jasper questioned.

“Is everyone freaking out there?” Edward asked, his face red.

“Not everyone, just well, yeah pretty much everyone,” Jasper said, moving to the doorway. “I’m just going to close the door now. Perhaps, uh, you might want to invest in a lock boss?”

Edward growled as Jasper pulled the door closed. I was still under the sheet. He took it down slowly. “Did, uh, did Emmett see anything?”

I nodded. Edward grimaced. “I’m gonna kill him.”

“It wasn’t his fault.” I giggled. “And you showed my sister your ass.”

“Not on purpose.” He laughed.

The two of us burst into laughter until a minute later there was a soft knock. “Really?” Edward growled.

“Look, sorry,”Jasper said through the door. “We were just going to say that we were going to go spend some time in the yard. Feel free to, uh, do what you like and join us later, um, if you’d like.”

Edward turned to me and grinned. “Should I feel free to do what I like?” he asked, moving the sheets and letting his eyes roam all over my body. I felt the goose bumps form and my nipples harden. “I love how your body responds to me,” he whispered, lowering his head to kiss a nipple. He never raised his head, he just kissed his way down my stomach. “Breakfast,” he said, kissing the apex of my thighs.

I was glad that everyone was outside because the way I screamed and moaned as he licked and sucked my clit would have made everyone come running. His fingers and tongue moved in and out of my pussy. It was the first time I’d had oral sex and I totally understood why women wanted to do this every day. Edward brought me to orgasm three times before he looked up at me and grinned. “I want this on the menu every morning.”

My fingers had been in his hair, and I pulled him up to me to give him a deep kiss. I could taste myself on him. His tongue pressed into my mouth at the same time his cock pressed into my pussy. “I need you again,” he whispered, as if he was apologizing for making love to me.

“I need you too.” I sighed, wrapping my legs around his waist. He moved in and out of me slowly, both of us savoring the feeling. The pace was steady, loving. We kissed each other’s body while holding tightly to one another. Even after he shuddered his orgasm, we held each other for a long time.

Eventually, we did get out of bed and headed outside. Everyone turned to look at us and smiled. Elizabeth ran up to me, and I scooped her up into my arms. I talked to her and tickled her as I watched Edward walk over to Emmett. I didn’t hear what Edward whispered, but I could hear Emmett’s response. “No, I didn’t see anything...there was a sun glare...and um, I wasn’t looking, and…”

Alice interrupted. “Well, I saw something!” Jasper grimaced. “It was a sexy ass.”

It was enough to take the focus off Emmett, who was now staring at me. I couldn’t help but blush. Things got back to normal pretty quickly, and we all enjoyed our Sunday together.

In the evening, I gave Elizabeth a bath and Edward gave Charlie a bottle. The two of them were asleep when Edward and I met in the hall. “I had a great time this weekend,” I said, biting on my lower lip.

“I did too. Are you ready for bed?” he asked, taking my hand.

I was tired. We’d had a long day in the sun, but I didn’t want the weekend to end. “I...I guess,” I answered.

Edward smiled. “Well then, let’s turn in.” I was surprised he was so willing to let the day end, but I masked my disappointment.

“Good night,” I said, turning from him toward my room and letting go of his hand.

“Oh, you want to sleep in your room?” he asked, taking a step with me. I stopped in my tracks making him bump into me.

“Wait what?” I turned around to face him. He was standing so close I had to crane my neck to look up at him.

“I thought we’d sleep in my room, but it’s okay if you want to be closer to the kids.”

“You want to sleep together?”

Now it was Edward’s turn to look confused. “Well, uh, I mean, I thought we were going to, but if you want to sleep alone... Now I feel stupid,” he said, turning red.

I giggled. “Edward, of course I want to sleep with you. I didn’t realize you were offering. I just thought that you were saying you were tired and wanted to go to bed.”

“Wanted to go to bed with you.” He chuckled.

I grinned as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He took me straight to his room and tossed me on the bed. I was tired, but that didn’t stop us from making love. When we’d finished, Edward pulled me into his arms and I fell asleep on his chest. I didn’t wake until I heard the sound of Charlie crying.

“I’ve got him,” Edward said, sliding out from under me.

“No, Edward, you’ve got work in the morning.”

“And you’ve got class, and the kids. I’m his father. I’ve got this. Please just go back to sleep.”

I rolled over. I guessed the sun had gotten to me because I was back asleep in a minute. I did wake briefly when he rejoined me in bed. I wondered if he’d want to make love again, but after a soft kiss to the back of my shoulder, we were both out.

It was nearly six in the morning when Charlie woke again. I started to get up. Edward touched my arm. “Baby, please, just say here.”

I loved how sweet he was being, but I was very full and needed to nurse. Before I could say anything though, he was gone. I didn’t want to take away from his caring gesture, so I decided to lay back down. I’d wait until after Edward left for work and then pump. I didn’t have to though, because a moment later Edward appeared in the room with Charlie in his arms. He wasn’t crying because he was sucking on his pacifier. I knew that wouldn’t last long. “I can give him a bottle, but I figured, you’d be ready to nurse.”

I loved how well he knew me. “Actually I am.” I reached for him, pulling him to my chest. It was cute, Charlie used his tongue to push the pacifier from his mouth and turned toward me. I lowered my top without feeling shy and began to nurse him. Edward didn’t get back in bed. He moved around the room, getting ready for work. I watched him with a smile, but all too soon he had kissed me and was gone.

I missed him during the day, but I had a lot to keep myself busy. The days went fast and the nights even faster. I slept in Edward’s room each night. He made me feel sexy and wonderful. Before I knew it, the week had ended and we were enjoying the weekend again.

The press seemed to let up on Tanya when a new scandal broke. We were all relieved as it seemed to take us all out of the spotlight. There were occasional articles on the eligible bachelor, but Edward always reassured me that he was most certainly not eligible.

We were enjoying lunch by the pool, Jasper was over, as usual, and Rosalie and Emmett had joined us. Esme even came over with her girls. I’d seen them a few times since I’d moved in, but this was the first time they’d stayed for more than a few minutes.

Rosalie had been talking about getting a place of her own. A house two doors down had gone on the market. Emmett was talking to her about safety. It seemed he didn’t want her to move out.

“I will be fine,” she insisted. “It’s already hard to explain why I stay here. Reese, my agent, told the press I wasn’t getting enough rest in a hotel, so I was staying with a co-star. It seemed alright until Tanya moved out. He’s afraid people will think I was the cause.”

“That’s dumb! James doing her up the ass was the cause,” Alice blurted out.

We all laughed. “Well, he offered to stay with me—you know, to keep me safe,” Rose said when the laughter died down.

“Do you trust him?” I asked.

“Yeah. He’s been a great agent. I’ve been with him a long time. I was going to get a new one when I started getting bigger deals, but he convinced me to stick with him. He dropped all his other clients and focuses on me.”

“Just promise you’ll be careful,” Esme said, joining the conversation.

I knew there was something going on with her, but I didn’t want to pry.

“Speaking of great managers.” Jasper changed the subject. “Yours just got you a job as host of Saturday Night Live.”

“Seriously?” Edward’s eyes brightened. “I’ve always wanted to host that. When?”

“In about two months—the second week in December.”

“This is so exciting,” Rosalie said, expressing my thoughts. “You are going to be great.”

“You know, they are going to do some spoofs on Tanya, though?” Jasper added.

Edward laughed. “I’d expect they would. Lots of people coming in her ‘back door’.”

“I’ve also booked you The Ellen DeGeneres Show. That’s in five weeks.”

“I love her!” Alice and I squealed at the same time. “Oh, you have to get her autograph for me. Please Edward!” Alice begged.

“I could get it. I’m going with him; well, actually, her producers sent four tickets to the show, as well as the backstage passes. I just wonder who I will take and who Edward will take.”

I bit my lower lip. It was clear that Jasper was taking Alice. Edward couldn’t take me, though. I mean, you didn’t take your secret girlfriend on a talk show!

“Oh, you wonder who you will take?” Alice stood with her hands on her hips.

Jasper smirked. “I suppose I could be coerced.”

“We’d need to get someone to watch the kids so all four of us can go,” Edward said, looking right at me, making my eyes go wide.

“You want me to go with you?” I was just staring at him.

“Well, we can’t go as a date, but it would be fun, right?”

“It would be amazing!”

Emmett agreed to watch the kids, if Rosalie agreed to come back and hang out for that day. It would be weird with Rosalie not living there. She and I had started to form a friendship. She was guarded, but not an ice princess, as her reputation suggested.

We had a great day, all of us together, and Edward and I had an even better night. Sleeping in his room was wonderful. We made love and held each other until we fell asleep. I couldn’t believe it could be so good.

I’d say we fell into a routine, but nothing was ever routine with two small children and a man who was famous. The press was always interested in him, and in me and the children when we went out. The photo of the four of us at Tanya’s photo shoot had been published in a ton of magazines and shown on the entertainment news channels. None of them accused me of breaking up Edward and Tanya. Most of them wrote about how Edward was focusing on his family. I loved the photographs and actually had one of them in my wallet. We looked like a real family.

Edward and I weren’t officially dating in public; we were spending all our time together when he was home and every night in his bed, though he’d started to call it our bed. Alice had teased me saying I wouldn’t know when we’d moved in together, because we seemed to do that on our first date.

School was in full swing and the weather was getting cooler. Most of the days we could swim during the daytime, but the evenings were a bit too cold for that. Edward and I still used the hot tub. We’d dared to take the kids to the park a few times, but when I was with him a crowd would always seem to form and it made us nervous with the kids around.

Before I knew it, I was sitting in a limo, headed for The Ellen Degeneres Show with Edward, Alice, and Jasper. Things had seriously progressed between those two. They’d been getting closer and Alice had even talked to me about her feelings for Jasper. I wasn’t sure exactly where their relationship stood, though.

We’d arrived early so Edward could be put into makeup and meet with Ellen ahead of time. “Why do they meet before the show starts?” Alice asked Jasper as we waited in the green room.

“It’s customary. Edward’s been on before, so it’s not like they are meeting for the first time, but she will probably want to catch up, ask him if there is anything he wants to talk about. The main thing the network wants him to focus on is promoting the new show, but I’m sure that Tanya is going to come up at some point. Remember, no matter how Edward feels, he probably won’t say bad things about her. It actually makes him look better not to say negative things. Right now, America’s sweetheart has fallen from grace. She cheated on her fiance when her son needed her. If Edward starts slinging mud, all of the sudden she’s the sweet woman they know from the big screen who is being picked on by her ex.”

Alice and I nodded. I knew how it worked. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me on some level that I was Edward’s secret, but I also understood. It had been two months, which seemed like a long time, but to the press, it was fresh and many held out hope they would get back together. While many had vilified Tanya, others had blamed James. They said that while Tanya was distraught over her son, James had taken advantage of her.

Jasper said it should be a few more months until Edward should make it public. If he did it too soon, it could hurt his career. I didn’t want to be the cause of any trouble with his career.

Alice, Jasper, and I got to sit in the front row for the taping. They did some practice things with the audience before Ellen came out, which was fun. When she did come out, she was dancing as usual. She chose the song "Ex's & Oh's" which made me cringe. I wondered if she was going to talk about Tanya a lot. I knew Tanya had been on the show; I’d watched it. Maybe they were good friends.

Edward came out to loud applause. I smiled at how loved he was. Ellen started off asking him about his new show and working with Rosalie. He said she was a dream to work with. Ellen smiled and said, “Is that why she lives with you?”

Edward laughed. “No, that’s not why, although she’s welcome to stay as long as she wants. My place is plenty big.” Edward didn’t elaborate, and Ellen let it drop. I wasn’t actually sure why she was still staying there; though I suspected there was more to it than just needing to be safe.

The producer gave Ellen the signal and they went to commercial. It wasn’t like on television where you only got like two minutes between takes. They came out and made sure both of them were okay. Edward took a glass of water. They had to adjust Ellen’s microphone and do a few lighting things. He already looked good, but he looked even better. Edward looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back with butterflies in my tummy.

The show started taping again a few moments later. “So, now let’s talk about what everyone wants to know,” Ellen said. Oh, here it comes, I thought. She’s going to ask him why he doesn’t get back with Tanya.

“And what is that?” Edward asked, the smirk on his face that won the hearts of millions.

“Souper Girl,” Ellen stated.

My mouth dropped. Jasper turned to look at me, but I was staring at Edward. He didn’t look phased. He just smiled.

“She is pretty super.” He laughed.

The photograph that they had been taken the afternoon Charlie went to the hospital was projected on the huge screen behind the two of them. “Looks like a great family picture,” Ellen said with a questioning inflection in her voice.

“Well, that’s because we’re a great family.” I was shocked Edward wasn’t trying to change the subject or deflect. “Bella, or as you call her Souper Girl, is really the only mother Charlie has known. And honestly, I love spending time with Elizabeth.”

Ellen smiled. “And I see you brought her.”

I could see the cameras turn to face me. I knew my cheeks were bright red. “What do you say? Should we invite her to join us?”

I shook my head, but Ellen laughed. “Come on, Bella. You can give us the dirt on him.” The audience applauded loudly in support.

“Go,” Jasper whispered.

I stood up and shakily walked up on stage. I sat on the couch next to Edward who smiled at me.

“Hi, Bella, nice to finally meet you.”  

I couldn’t believe that Ellen was talking to me and had said it was nice to finally meet me, as if she’d wanted to meet me.

“So, tell us, ‘cause we all want to know... What does he look like when he wakes up in the morning, because he can’t possibly look like that all of the time.”

I laughed. “Uh, he kinda does. It’s the hair. It’s always messy, so… um, you know.”

There was laughter from the audience, and Ellen smiled. “Well, we’re going to take a break and when we come back, maybe we can find out if Edward changes diapers.”

The cameras cut off and Ellen spoke right away. “I’m sorry if I put you on the spot, both of you. I just thought it would be fun. We can cut that last segment and do it over again.”

“No, it’s fine,” Edward answered.

“Good,” Ellen said with a smile. “I’ll be back, just relax.”  She stood and went over to talk to the producer. I turned to Edward. “Are you sure this is all right? I mean, why on earth am I up here? I’m not dressed for it and I look terrible.”

“You don’t look terrible,” Edward whispered. “You’ve never looked terrible a day in your life.”

I felt myself blush again at his compliment. “How does my hair look?” I asked. Alice and I had done ourselves up for the show in case we were shown in the audience. I’d be eternally grateful to her for suggesting that.

“Your hair looks perfect,” Edward said, tucking a strand behind my ear.

Ellen sat back down. “So how long have you two been a couple, or is that supposed to stay a secret?”

I looked at her with my eyes wide. She laughed then whispered, “Secret it is.”

“How… how did you know?” Edward whispered back.

“Well, at the last commercial break I saw you two looking at each other. It was like you were the only two in the room. And I’ve had you and Tanya on. You never looked at her like that.” She smirked at Edward. “And just now, fixing her hair, that was an intimate move, if I’ve ever seen one.”

“It’s not just about sex, there is so much more with Bella and I. We wouldn’t be hiding it if I didn’t think the press and public would go after Bella.” I knew that what Edward and I had was more, but I’d never heard him talk about us, as a couple, before. It made everything seem so real.

“Well, maybe I can help with that,” Ellen said with a smile.

The producer was quieting the audience, signaling that we were going to begin taping again.

“We’re back with more of the juicy Edward Cullen and his son’s nanny, Bella, formerly known as Souper Girl.” The audience laughed. “So, we all are aware of the breakup of you and Tanya. It’s been a few months now, correct?”

“Since we officially broke up, yes,” Edward responded.

“I take it, from the headlines, you were shocked at things.” Ellen said things in a funny way so again the audience laughed.

“I was shocked, yes, but things hadn’t been going well for a while. I just wanted a good life for my son.”

The picture of the four of us at that photo shoot appeared on the wall behind us again, “Looks like a good life and a good family.”

“It is,” Edward said with a smile. “Bella is a huge part of that. She’s so good with Charlie.”

There were awwws from the audience. “Even though America loves a single Mr. Cullen, we’d like to see you with a love interest.”

“Well, uh, with a newborn and work, there isn’t much time for dating.”

“Well, perhaps you don’t have to look far.” Ellen laughed. There was a chuckle from the audience.

Ellen asked Edward a few more questions about his show and then the taping was over. She thanked us both for coming. We met up with Alice and Jasper and left. Seth drove us, because Emmett was watching the kids with Rosalie. I couldn’t believe how much those two loved playing house.

We were only in the car a minute before Alice turned and clapped her hands. “Did you hear the audience’s reaction to you two? They loved you guys!”

I couldn’t help but smile. It was Edward who spoke first. “Do you think that the public is ready for me to be dating? I’m starting to think that I don’t care anyway. Look at Tanya. She had all that publicity, and the press isn’t talking about her at all anymore.”

“That’s because she stayed quiet and there have been other news stories. I think, though, that you need to do what you want,” Jasper responded.

Edward looked at me. “Then that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

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