Chapter 19




I walked straight through my room and into the shower. It was partially because I always showered after the hot tub, but mostly because I needed a release and lately the shower had been my location of choice. I was already rock hard, having seen, touched and nearly tasted Bella’s breasts. I wanted to kill Emmett for walking in on us, but part of me was grateful. Had he not, I didn’t know how far I’d have gone. It would have been so easy to pull my trunks down and push her bikini aside. I’d have been inside her in a moment. The thought of her warm pussy around my cock had me stroking myself hard and fast. I squeezed my purple head, watching precome ooze from it. I used that, and soap lather, to make my shaft slick. My hand flew up and down roughly. I’d have fucked her hard on the deck of the pool. I knew I’d have taken her wildly. I just couldn’t imagine another way when it came to Bella. I’d have buried my cock so deep inside of her. I came to that thought; sighing that finally my erection was gone.

I stepped from the shower. As much as I wanted to take her, I knew she deserved more. Another thought occurred to me. I hadn’t brought a condom out with me. I knew I’d have been too far gone to have stopped us to go and get one. I made a note to send Emmett for some and to keep them with me at all times. I shook my head at the thought. What was I, an animal? I suppressed a chuckle. When it came to Bella, I was!

The next day work seemed to take forever, now that I couldn’t wait to get home. Bella and I texted, though she upped the game by sending sexy photos of herself in a bikini. I had to ask for a few extra minutes on the set to calm down before I could act out the next scene.

Rosalie sat down next to me and teased. “So I heard it got pretty hot and heavy with you and Bella last night,” she whispered when no one was around.

“Fucking Emmett,” I grumbled.

“Yeah, he felt really bad. Said you were probably going to fire him. He paced around for an hour before finally going to bed last night.”

I looked at her and smiled. “It was all right. Bella deserved better than that anyway, but let’s talk more about you. You’ve been staying in the guest house now for a while.”

I saw her pale. “If it’s a problem, I can move back to my hotel. It’s just that Emmett said that it was…”

I interrupted her. “No, no, it’s not a problem. You can stay as long as you want. I just figured Emmett would have driven you crazy by now.”

“I could have said the same about Tanya,” she responded.

“Point taken.” I lowered my voice again. “Though she kinda did drive everyone crazy. Is it terrible that we just broke up and I don’t miss her at all?”

“It was terrible the way she treated you and Charlie, not to mention others in the house. So no, it’s not terrible that you don’t miss her. You were over her long ago.” She took a deep breath and looked me in the eyes. “Look, I don’t know if what you have with Bella is real. She seems like a great person. You owe it to yourself and to her to not feel guilty about pursuing a relationship.”

I was so glad she said that. It was how I was feeling, but it was nice to have affirmation from another. “I can’t really take her on dates though, not yet. As far as the press goes, it just ended with Tanya. They would eat Bella alive for being a homewrecker.”

Rosalie nodded. “So date her like you did last night. Take her to the park with the kids for ice cream, order dinner in and send the kids to Emmett and me. We really love them, you know.”

I loved her suggestions. “This could actually work.”

“Of course it can work.” Rosalie laughed. “Just give it a month or two and it will be the press’ idea for you to date her.”

The afternoon seemed to go quickly and soon Rosalie and I were headed home with Emmett. I sat in the back, letting Rosalie ride up front. I loved to listen to the two of them bicker about everything.

“I was thinking maybe we can have spaghetti and meatballs again for dinner,” Emmett said, looking at me in the rear view mirror. “It was so good when Bella made it. I loved the beef!” He turned and looked at Rosalie. “We can get tofu balls for you, if you want.”

She slapped him on the arm. “I eat meat, you ass!”

“Well, you’re so freaking skinny, I didn’t know if you ate beef.”

“I’m not skinny. Am I skinny, Edward?” Oh hell, there was no way to answer this question correctly. “I’m just in shape,” she added, not waiting for my response. The two continued to argue the rest of the way home—Emmett receiving two more punches to his arm for comments about women and carbs and ass size.

I texted Bella, asking if we were still on for movie night. She asked what we were watching and I told her that it was her pick.

Anything? she texted back. For a moment an image flashed into my head of her choosing porn and the two of us making out on the floor in the theatre room. It was a silly thought as I couldn’t even imagine Bella owning porn and I sure hoped she hadn’t found my secret collection.

I texted back that it could be anything except for a movie I was in. It was never fun to watch myself in movies. I was too critical of my work. I almost added that I planned on watching her all night and not the movie, but I didn’t want to be creepy. What kind of guy just sits around and watches a woman all night. The only thing worse was if I watched her sleep.

We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, bathed Elizabeth and Charlie, and then headed down to the theatre room after both were tucked in bed. I hoped Charlie would give us the four hours he had seemed to work up to lately.

I didn’t know exactly what I expected her to pick, but it wasn’t Annabelle. “You want to watch this?” I asked when she handed me the DVD case.

“Yeah, unless you’ve seen it so many times you don’t want to watch it again.”

“I’ve, uh, never seen it,” I admitted, though I kept to myself that I was terrified of scary movies. As a kid, some episodes of CSI gave me nightmares. That was a little secret I’d rather not get out.

We started watching the movie, only holding hands, but by the end, Bella was in my lap. I had a tight hold on her. “Well, did you like it?” she asked when the movie was over.

“I liked sitting next to you and holding you,” I said truthfully. I turned her slightly so we could kiss. This time I was in much more control. As our mouths moved together, I shifted her so that she was laying on the couch under me. It was similar to the night before, only this time we were dressed. It didn’t take me long to slide my hands back under her T-shirt. My fingers grazed over her bra. I could feel her nipples and that made my already hard cock push against my pants. She moaned when it rubbed along her thigh. Last night her hands had been in my hair, tonight they were on my ass, pulling me closer to her. She seemed as eager to make love as I did.

“Is the door locked?” she asked, as I tugged on her shirt.

“I don’t think so, but I told Emmett that the house had to be on fire to come in here.”

Bella laughed and raised her arms so I could pull her shirt over her head; my explanation apparently enough. She was wearing a sexy lavender bra that made her skin look delicious, but I needed it off. I wanted to see her breasts again. I’d been interrupted last time and I was hell-bent on at least getting a taste. With trembling fingers I reached behind her and unclasped her bra, then gently pulled the straps from her shoulders. The satiny material fell to her lap and I stared at the most magnificent pair of breasts I’d ever seen. There was no rush this time, I was able to appreciate them as long as I wanted. As if drawn by magnets, my fingers moved to them, squeezing gently, lifting and touching. Her nipples responded, becoming even more hard. I had to touch. As my thumb moved over one, small white droplets appeared.

“Oh, Edward, stop,” Bella cried, clearly embarrassed.

“No,” I groaned, lowering my head to her wet flesh. I sucked her breast into my mouth, the sweet taste on my tongue. When I sucked harder, I was rewarded with more of her deliciousness.

“Fuck, Edward,” Bella moaned, her hands once again in my hair. She held me to her. “That feels so good!”

She was right, it did feel good, incredible in fact. I continued sucking, while caressing her other breast with my hand. When I felt wetness, I switched breasts and enjoyed another sweet sensation. Over and over I lavished her breasts with my attention, leaving her moaning and wriggling below me. Just the way her hips moved told me that she’d be a firecracker in bed, as if there was any doubt.

I wondered if the timing was right to make love. I had to be at work early and she’d need to be up for Charlie. I wanted to spend the night with her after, and wake with her in my arms. It would have felt good physically, but I wanted the whole package.

“Bella, I want you so badly,” I began.

“I want you too,” she moaned.

“No, but we can’t. I mean, I want to, but I want to make love to you all night and all morning. This would be rushed.”

She let her head fall back. “You’re right, but it sucks.”

I groaned. “The sucking was wonderful.” I leaned down and kissed her nipple once more before giving it a quick suck. “Bella, I had the best time tonight, and I don’t just mean because we got to do this. I really like spending time with you.”

Her smile was radiant. Walking her to her room was even exciting. We stopped a few times kissing and touching until we finally got to the top of the stairs. “Oh, I don’t want this date to end,” she whispered when our foreheads touched.

“Me either,” I agreed, but we both knew it had to. “Will you go on another date with me tomorrow?” I asked in a whisper, my head still touching hers.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” she answered, then stopped. “Oh, wait, I do have my class tomorrow night, so I guess I’d miss it for a class.” She giggled. “But can we hang out after?”

I knew she had an evening class, I’d just lost track of the days of the week. “Of course,” I said, knowing how important school was to her. “Maybe we can just go for a walk in the yard.” My yard was pretty large for Beverly Hills and I had a beautiful garden.

She lit up and I knew that the two of us would have fun. After another ten or twenty minutes of kissing, we parted ways for the night. I wasn’t sure if she went straight to bed, but I hit the shower again.

I did the same thing the next afternoon when I got home from work. “You sure shower a lot,” Jasper said, as I came down the stairs. He and Alice were sitting on the couch with Charlie, while Elizabeth played with bright-colored blocks on the floor.

“Blame Bella,” I joked.

“Gonna get carpel tunnel?” Alice asked.

“How do you know they aren’t having sex?” Jasper said to Alice, as if I wasn’t in the room.

“Um, she’s my sister,” Alice answered in the same fashion. “She’s gonna end up with it too!”

That was the first time I’d thought of Bella masturbating. Now that Alice mentioned it, it did seem logical—I mean, she was getting just as turned on as I was. The image that popped into my mind of Bella, in her bed with the fingers of one hand buried in her pussy while the other hand pulled on her nipples, had me getting hard again. I imagined walking in on her and crawling between her legs, lapping at her flavor. Her hands would be in my hair, begging for more while my tongue explored her wetness.

“EDWARD!” Alice said loudly, snapping me out of my daydream. She’d been talking, but I hadn’t been paying attention. It was something about a bath.

“Sorry, drifted off for a minute,” I said, flashing her my smile.

“Yeah, doesn’t really work on me.” She giggled. “All I said was, did you have plans with Bella tonight?”

“Well, she has her class, but after, we’re going to go for a walk in the garden.” Alice smiled at my words. “I was thinking of planning a picnic for us.”

“Oh, she’ll love that. It’s so romantic. There is this little place behind the rose bushes that is perfect for a blanket and is very private.” Jasper’s eyes went wide and his face turned red. Alice caught it too and quickly added, “I only know because I read there sometimes.”

There was a hell of a lot more going on between Jasper and Alice than friendship. I’d have bet that before, but with her words and his reaction, I had to wonder, Was my best friend fucking Alice? It sure seemed like they had been in the garden. Things started to click when I thought about how often he was over and at odd hours. How many times had I not seen him come and go. I was trying to piece it all together when Alice spoke again.

“I bet she takes an extra long bath again tonight.” That sentence stopped all of my thoughts of her and Jasper and took me back to Bella.

“Bath?” I asked.

Alice rolled her eyes. “Yeah, that’s what I said before, you are taking showers to uh...well, she spends her time in the tub.”

Again my mind wandered to Bella in the tub, her fingers rubbing her soapy breasts, her swollen clit just below the water. Fuck, I should direct porn! I could see it so clearly.

“ two need to just get on with it.” Alice laughed.

I sighed and sunk down onto the couch, letting the bathtub fantasy fade away. “I know, but I don’t just want it to be a quick fuck. I want romance before and after. I want to make love to her all night and the next day.”

“So what about Friday night?” Jasper suggested. “You could do dinner and then let things progress.”

“Not too romantic with Charlie and Elizabeth. I love them, absolutely love them, but they are total mood killers.”

“What if I took them to my suite? Jasper, you could stay over and help me.”

Jasper shifted uncomfortably under my stare. “Sure, that would be great.”

“That way we will be here if something really important came up, but we could take care of them for the night. I’ve taken care of Elizabeth her whole life anyway, and Charlie would just need a feeding or two. You two could even spend until noon in bed on Saturday too.

It sounded wonderful. I couldn’t wait.

Bella came home from school and she looked exhausted. I asked if she’d rather not go for a walk, but she insisted that it was the only thing she’d looked forward to all day. Apparently, Elizabeth hadn’t napped well and Charlie woke up opposite her. I felt bad we were even considering doing anything that started at 9:30 at night, but it was just a walk, and while I wanted to be with her until the sun came up in the garden, I knew we’d both be too tired for that.

She went upstairs to change and when she came back down she looked a lot better. There was a sparkle in her eyes that made me so glad that we hadn’t cancelled. I took her hand and led her outside. We didn’t even talk, just walked down the paths the landscapers had created for a while. “Tell me about your day,” I said softly, as we walked past the small fountain.

“It was crazy, but I couldn’t wait to spend this evening with you. I’m sorry I had class and it had to be this late.”

“Don’t ever be sorry about school.” I stopped her and sat next to the fountain on a concrete bench. “I want to spend all day and all night with you, but I have other responsibilities and so do you. It just makes us cherish the time we do have together. I’m sorry that I can’t take you out real places yet, but I love all of the things we’ve done this week.”

She gave me that smile that melted my heart and made my cock stir at the same time. “I’ve loved it too.”

I decided to bring up Friday. “Uh, Alice and I were talking and she’s offered to take the kids this Friday. I was thinking we could have dinner and then, um, if you want, um...well…”
“Spend the night with you?” she asked, saying what I couldn’t seem to.

“If you want, but, we can play it by ear I guess. I don’t want you to do anything you’re not ready to do.”

Again her face lit up. “I think it’s a wonderful idea to have a date night.” She turned from me and whispered, “And I’m more than ready.”

I had to get up and start walking to try to distract my cock, which seemed to want to break free from my pants and look around. Bella got up and started to walk with me. I took her hand once again. I could feel the nervous energy between us as we walked down the path. I’d been here right before she’d gotten home, setting up the picnic. When we rounded the corner and she saw the blanket with the basket set on it and she gasped. “Oh Edward, did you do this for us?”

I smiled. “I just want to make it as much like a date as possible, since I can’t take you out to nice restaurants.”

“You think I care about going to a fancy restaurant? All I want is to spend time with you. This is better than any restaurant in the city. It’s perfect.”

I turned to her and brushed her hair behind her ear. “You’re perfect.”

Her eyelids slowly fluttered closed and I lowered my head for the first of many kisses. When my knees became weak, I pulled her down to the blanket. We lay there under the stars kissing and gently caressing each other. We stopped for a bit to catch our breath, and I opened the basket. I’d love to say I made all the food, but I just wasn’t that good. I had ordered the chocolate covered strawberries from the best pastry shop in town and had chosen a few cheeses, and what Alice said was Bella’s favorite wine. That was a tough one since it wasn’t at all expensive and I wanted her to have the best. It was Alice who reminded me that simply because something was expensive didn’t make it the best. She was right. I wanted what Bella loved, not what cost the most; that was something Tanya would have wanted. It was just another thing I loved about Bella, she didn’t really care about money or material items.

“It’s my favorite!” she exclaimed when I unscrewed the cap. “How did you know?”

“I’ll give you two guesses.” I laughed. “And the first one doesn’t count.”

“My sister.” Bella laughed, shaking her head. “You probably had to go out and get this, didn’t you?” she asked. “There is no way you’d have this in your wine cellar.”

“No, but I do have a case of it in there now. I actually can’t wait to try it.”

I saw her cheeks turn pink. “You might not like it. I mean, it doesn’t even have a cork!”

“I love milk and that doesn’t have a cork either.” The moment I said it, I realized the double entendre. Her face was red, and I knew mine was too.

“Anyway,” I said as I poured two glasses and handed her one. “To us.”

She touched her glass to mine and we both took a sip. I’d say this about the wine. It was sweet, simple, and left a great taste in my mouth, just like Bella. I loved it.

We didn’t finish our drinks, though. I had to kiss her, and one kiss led to two. Two led to ten, and half an hour later we were panting on the blanket. I’d worked her shirt off again, and she’d pulled mine off as well. I knew she could feel my erection against her thigh as we kissed.

To my shock, her hand slid between us and she rubbed her palm over it. I groaned. It wouldn’t take much for me to come, and I wasn’t about to do it in my pants in front of her.

“Bella, uh, you drive me crazy. If you keep doing that, I’m going to come.”

She smiled and moved her hand to my stomach. “Good,” she said, sliding her fingertips inside of my waistband. I was no virgin and I’d been a bit promiscuous before Tanya, but when her warm hand wrapped around my cock, it was the best sexual feeling I’d ever had. “F-fuck!” I moaned, bucking my hips.

Bella kept her eyes locked with mine as her hand continued to move. Gently she stroked my cock, making me even harder. I could tell that my precome oozed from the tip, because I felt Bella use it to lubricate my shaft. “I’m going to come,” I moaned when she increased her speed slightly.

“Mmmm yes,” she said, not stopping her pace. I tried to hold off as long as I could, but I came, erupting in my pants.

She smirked and pulled her hand out. One of her fingers was covered in my come and I picked up a napkin to give to her, but before I could, she popped it into her mouth and sucked it clean.

I was hard again.

“You are so fucking sexy,” I said, as she pulled her finger from her mouth. “I remember when you sucked whipped cream from my finger that morning when we were making pancakes. I got so hard and all I could think about was…” I stopped talking not wanting to say something to embarrass her or myself.

“Think about what?” she prompted.

“Uh, think about what it would be like to get a blow job from you, if um, if you gave them that is.”

Bella smiled and said coyly, “Well, I guess you will find out the answer to your questions on Friday.”

Did I mention I was hard again? It was all I could do not to come a second time. I wanted to make Bella feel as good as she’d made me feel. Alice said that she masturbated, so perhaps I could help out too. Leaning in to kiss her, I let my hand slide up her thigh and under the loose skirt she wore. I felt the cotton of her panties. Not lace, not a thong, cotton. With the tons of pictures I’d been sent over the years of women in their “barely there” panties, why did I find what had to be plain cotton ones so fucking sexy. I had to see them, I had to, but I didn’t dare. Instead, I let my fingers roam. She gasped and I nearly pulled my hand back, but she parted her legs slightly. It was the only invitation I needed. I’d have had my arm chopped off at that point before I removed it from under her skirt.

The soft whimpers that came from somewhere deep inside of her made me nearly insane with lust. Sliding her panties to the side just a bit, I ran my finger over her slit. She was slick with desire and while I wanted to pull my hand back to have a taste, I couldn’t stop touching. My finger slid up and down, tracing the path I knew my cock would soon take. Her small nub was hard and throbbing beneath my finger tip. A few brushes over it and she was rotating her hips, trying to move with me. I looked into her eyes, giving just a bit more pressure. Her breathing was heavy, deep, slow. Our eyes locked as I continued, her body trembling beneath mine. There was so much of her I wanted to touch, but with my free hand, I laced my fingers with hers.

“Edward…please,” she whimpered in a strained voice. Her eyes were pleading with mine. I’d never felt so powerful and I’d never wanted more to give a woman pleasure.

“I want this,” I said, rubbing and teasing. “I want all of you.”

“Yes…yes,” she panted. “Fuck yes...all of me.”

My thumb moved in a circle over her clit while I pressed into her gently. “Fuck…you’re so tight!” I wondered if I’d even be able to fuck her, then realized how absurd that was. She had a daughter, of course it was possible, but I knew my cock would be strangled the whole time. It would be heaven.

In and out my finger moved slowly, pulling her closer and closer to the edge. As my pace quickened, so did her breath. Short pants escaped her lips until I couldn’t take it anymore, and I covered her mouth with my own. I tasted her sweetness as she tightened around my finger. I heard her murmurs and muffled cries of joy. It gave me more pleasure than my orgasm to give her one of her own.

I held her to me after she started to come down from her high. I removed my hand from her skirt and wrapped it around her waist. As much as I wanted to do it again, I didn’t want to push her. She stayed with me like that for a while before pulling back. “That was incredible,” she whispered.

I loved her praise and kissed her soundly on the lips. The kiss was gentle, languid and full of passion. I’d have done that all night if I knew we didn’t both have to be up early and if I didn’t know that we had a date planned for Friday night. I wanted our first time to be perfect. Bella deserved that.

An hour later I stood with her at her bedroom door. “I had an amazing time tonight,”I whispered, kissing her lips softly.

“I did too.” She giggled. The aroma of how good of a time she’d had was in the air, and the proof of my good time was still wet in my boxers.

I left her with a simple kiss to her forehead before heading to my own room. I couldn’t wait until Friday.

Time seemed to stand still after that. We exchanged texts, but didn’t have any time together longer than a few moments stolen here and there, except one very intense kissing session before bed on Thursday. “So, um, what do I wear tomorrow?” Bella asked as she leaned against her door in the hallway.

I wanted to scream “Nothing! Wear nothing!” but instead I responded like a gentleman. “You can wear anything. We can’t go anywhere, but if you want to dress up, we can, or if you want to go casual, that’s fine too. I think perhaps it should be a beach theme,” I said, not being able to resist a bit of flirting.

“You just want to see me in a bikini again,” she laughed.

“Damn straight!” I answered.

“Shame then, ‘cause I have much sexier lingerie.”

“Oh God,” I said, slumping against the wall.

“But let’s dress up a bit first. Nothing crazy, but a little bit fancy, all right?” she asked.

“Anything that you’d like,” I responded.

All night and during the day on the set the only thing I could think about was what type of lingerie Bella had. Was it white and lacey like you’d see a virgin wearing on her wedding night or was it red leather with stockings and four inch heels. Did she like animal print? I spent the day in a constant state of arousal. By the time I got home to shower and get ready for our date, I had worked myself into a frenzy and was faced with a dilemma. Did I masturbate or not? If I did, I wouldn’t be hard and so on edge all night, but if I did, what if I had trouble getting hard if she did want to sleep with me? Who was I kidding, I’d never have trouble getting hard, but I still didn’t masturbate, wanting to wait for Bella.

When I got downstairs Jasper was in the living room. Alice had the kids all ready and hopefully we were set for the night. “Where is Bella?” I asked, glancing around, and then at Jasper. His mouth was open and he was looking at something behind me. I spun around to see Bella coming down the stairs. She was beyond sexy. She wore a skimpy black dress with a slit all the way up her leg. It appeared she was wearing pantyhose, but when she took a step down I could see a strip of her milky white thigh showing me that she was wearing thigh highs. The dress was low cut and her breasts were pushed together, nearly spilling from the bodice. She looked like every fantasy I’d ever had.

“I hope you jerked off, or you’re fucked man,” Jasper laughed.

He was right. My cock was hard and leaking already. And what was worse, or better depending on how you looked at it, was that I’d been so distracted by her sexy dress and the body it exposed, that I hadn’t even looked at her face. She wore eye makeup and blush, but it was her lipstick that I couldn’t tear my eyes from. It was a deep red and glossy as fuck. All I could think about was the ring it would make around my cock when her lips made a perfect circle moving up and down my shaft.

“Thank you,” she said in a soft tone.

“Huh?” I asked, having no clue what she was thanking me for.

“I’d said to have a nice time on your date,” Jasper said and laughed again. “Try to stay focused and keep a bit of blood moving to your head... The one on your shoulders, that is.”

I was about to protest that he was wrong, but he was exactly right. I needed to get my head in the game, but it was so hard with her looking like that.

“Is something wrong?” Bella asked nervously.

“No.. I uh, I just didn’t expect you to look like that,” I answered honestly.

Her eyes widened. “Oh! Sorry. I can change.”

“No!” I nearly shouted. “I mean, please don’t change. You look amazing. I just didn’t expect… uh... just please don’t change.”

Bella giggled. “Alice said you’d like it.”

“Shit,” I said, taking a step back. “Is this a dress Alice made?”

“Uh-huh,” Bella answered. “Why?”

“‘Cause if it’s an original, I can’t get you a new one after I tear it from your body.”

Again Bella giggled. “I’m pretty sure Alice would tear you up if you ripped it from my body.” Her smile molded into a smirk. “But I know I’d love it.”

Game on. Bella was more than a smart woman, more than Charlie’s nanny, more than Elizabeth’s mom, she was a firecracker and I couldn’t wait to get her into bed.

I would have to wait, though, as the night had just begun. We walked into the dining room where everything was set up. There were candles and plates covered with metal lids. I didn’t make the dinner, but I’d planned the menu. I hoped Bella liked seafood.

“Did Alice tell you?” she asked when she saw the pasta covered with alfredo sauce, shrimp and mushrooms.

“No,” I said, feeling panic. “Tell me you’re not allergic to shrimp.”

“Allergic? No way. I love it.”

I sighed. That would have surely fucked the night up if she couldn’t eat dinner. “I’m glad you love it. This is my favorite dinner,” I explained, reaching over to hold her hand.

“Oh God,” she moaned, taking a bite and licking just a bit of the white sauce from her lips, making me moan as well. “This is so good. It could be my new favorite dinner too.”

I loved that she loved it and it made it easy to make small talk while we ate. I’d opened a bottle of wine and we each had a glass. I didn’t want more because I didn’t want to be in any way impaired.

“Tell me you love chocolate,” I said, after we’d finished eating and had been talking for a while.

“Not quite as much as Elizabeth,” she replied with a giggle. “But close.”

I had to laugh at her answer, getting up and heading to the kitchen. I returned with two sundae dishes filled with chocolate mousse. Grabbing a spoon, I scooped out a bit and held it out for her. She leaned in and opened her mouth, the same way I hoped she would for my cock. The spoon touched her tongue and her lips closed around it. The moan that escaped her lips nearly made me come on the spot.

I watched her mouth as she savored each spoonful. A bit of me was disappointed when it was all gone, but I was happy to continue with our date. I stood and pulled out her chair. “Would you like to go for a walk in the garden?” I asked.

“No,” she said softly.

My heart stopped. Hadn’t she been having a good time? Did she want our date to end? “I um, okay.” I wasn't sure of what to do next.

“I love the garden, but I was hoping we could go to your room instead.” Her cheeks flamed pink as she whispered the words.

My stopped heart roared to life, beating wildly in my chest. I didn’t even answer her request with words, instead picking her up bridal style and carrying her through the house. I was glad it was empty because I’d have stopped for no one. Up the stairs I carried her and to my bedroom door. I held her tightly to me. “Are you sure?” I wanted no regrets.

“Yes, I’m sure. I want to help you christen your new furniture.”

My eyes went wide. I’d ordered new furniture when Tanya had left, wanting a new start, no reminders of her. I’d paid to have it rush delivered yesterday so that it would be ready for tonight. “You knew about that?”

She laughed. “Edward, it’s kind of hard to miss a king size bed and mattresses being delivered and carried through the house.”

I had to chuckle myself, but the moment I looked down into her eyes the mood changed. Her pupils widened and her eyes darkened with lust. Without hesitation, I carried her to the bed and laid her on the comforter. Her hair fanned out beneath her like mahogany silk. Just as I leaned down to kiss her, my eyes caught her pink tongue dart out to wet her lips, making my cock jump. She was so sexy and didn’t even know it.

Our lips touched as we began making love. For some people making love was the act of putting the penis in the vagina, but for me it was so much more. It started with kissing and wouldn’t end until long after we were both spent, lying in each other's arms. Our kiss continued, deepened. I moved my mouth over hers, over her jaw and down her neck. When I got to her chest, I kissed her cleavage softly and pulled back.

“Bella...I.. it’s been a long time.”

“For me too,” she responded breathily.

I moved away from her for a moment, getting to my feet, then pulled her up so she was standing next to me beside the bed. It seemed a step backward, but I had to get her out of that dress to see what was underneath.

It was hard to control myself and not tear the dress from her body, but I lowered the zipper and pulled it down over her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor, making a pool of black satin. My eyes, which had followed it, now moved upward. She still wore her heels, which made her legs, wrapped in the soft material of the thigh highs, look even sexier. I’d imagined her in plain cotton panties in the past, but tonight, she wore a pair of black lacy ones and a bra to match. She shifted slightly, and I looked up to her face to see that her cheeks were pink. I had no idea what on earth she’d be embarrassed of. Her body was spectacular.

I started to move toward her to kiss and touch, but she stopped me. “Now you,” she simply said. Her fingers moved to my neck and she loosened my tie before lifting it off of my head. Then she unbuttoned my shirt, letting her fingers touch my chest. She was going so slow, driving me mad. I grabbed the rest of my shirt and pulled it from my torso. She gasped before reaching for my belt. I moaned as her hands worked at the buckle, finally undoing it, and reaching for the button of my pants. I swore no one had ever unzipped pants so slowly, but eventually I was standing before her in just socks and boxers. I reached down and quickly pulled off my socks, but held off on the underwear. My cock was making them tent out in the front, pointing straight at Bella.

I picked her up and placed her on the bed so she was laid out before me. She looked like an all you can eat buffet and I was a starving man. My mouth went to her neck, then chest. I kissed her nipples through her bra, then made my way down her stomach to the top of her panties. I could smell the faint aroma of her arousal urging me on. Hooking my thumbs under her panties, I pulled them down over her thigh highs and tossed them onto the floor. Her pussy was perfection, the small amount of hair I’d felt yesterday made me want to touch its softness again.

Moving onto the bed, I slipped between her legs, spreading her thighs wide. “Edward!” she cried out as I lowered my head, exhaling my warm breath over her mound. Her legs parted just an inch farther as I licked her slowly up the center of her slit. Her head fell back and she gripped the sides of the pillow behind her. “Oh...fuck...that’s...ah...mazing,” she panted as I repeated the action over and over until her pussy flowered open before me. When her clit came into view, I used my tongue to tease it until it was hard. I found great pleasure in sucking on her swollen nub and worrying it gently with my teeth. Bella’s hands had let go of the pillow and were in my hair. She held me to her as my lips and tongue gave her pussy pleasure. Occasionally I’d leave her clit to dip my tongue into her honey hole. The way her back arched and her flat stomach would quiver let me know I was giving her what her body craved. She bucked and moaned; my name left her lips a dozen times, as did expletives. I loved every minute of it.

Her taste was sweet, but it was more than that; it was that I was finally able to give her the pleasure she deserved. With a swirl of my tongue she screamed out my name and grabbed two fistfulls of my hair. “Edward! I’m… I’m…” She never finished her sentence, but I knew what she was trying to say because she came hard all over my face. I lapped at the honey until her body stopped trembling and her thighs, which had been pressed tightly to my head, released and fell slowly to the bed.

I kissed my way up her body, passing her breasts grudgingly. I’d be back, I promised myself. When I got to her lips I kissed them softly. “That was amazing,” she whispered, our lips still touching.

“You’re telling me,” I whispered back. I’d never been one for eating out my partners, but with Bella, I could see doing it every day. The look in her eyes made me want to stay between her thighs forever.

My cock was aching with need as our two bodies pressed against each other. “I’d like to return the favor,” she moaned when I kissed my way down her neck. My cock nearly broke free of my boxers at her words. “Unless you’d prefer to make love now.”

What a fucking choice, Bella’s lips wrapped around my cock, or my cock engulfed in her wetness. I didn’t have to think long. As much as I’d love to have had her mouth on me, I needed to be inside of her. “Bella, I’d love to feel your mouth, but I can’t wait to be one with you.”

She smiled up at me and pulled my head back down to her mouth. While we kissed she tugged at my boxers, lowering them enough. When she couldn’t reach anymore I stopped and tore them from my body quickly and returned to kissing her. My cock was nestled on her mound. A few inches and I’d be inside of her. I couldn’t wait to feel her wetness and come in her warmth. That thought brought me back to reality enough to sit up and reach for the night stand. I pulled open the drawer and grabbed the box of condoms I’d asked Emmett to pick up. Bella’s eyes widened, and she looked like she was about to say something. I hoped I hadn’t offended her by being prepared. “I, um… just in case,” I said, feeling the heat on my cheeks, even though I had nothing to be embarrassed about.

“I’m glad you got them. I wouldn’t have thought of it. I’ve never used one before.”

That got my attention. I rolled onto my side so we could talk. “Really? What about before Elizabeth? After?”

Now it was her turn to have pink cheeks. “Well, I never used a condom before Elizabeth. Jacob just, uh, pulled out. I guess it didn’t work.”

I brushed my finger over her cheek. “And after?”

“Well, I haven’t actually been with anyone since Elizabeth was born.”

“Really!” I said with a bit too much surprise.

“Well, yeah.” She smiled. “I never dated, but after Elizabeth was born, my doctor put in an IUD just in case.”

I didn’t know anything about IUDs, just that they were some sort of birth control. “So that means you don’t need condoms?” I asked to clarify.

“Nope,” she said with a shy grin.

It meant I could feel her, all of her, skin to skin. It meant I didn’t have to attempt to pull out, which I knew I’d never be able to do once I was inside of her. Unable to control myself any longer, I grabbed her and rolled her on top of me. “I want to get to know every inch of your body tonight.”

“Mmmmm,” was her only response as she leaned down to kiss me. As our mouths worked together, my hands slid up the backs of her thighs to her ass. I pulled her closer to me so she could feel my erection against her stomach, moving my hands farther up her body to her back. Undoing the clasp on her bra, I pulled it from her, making our entire bodies skin to skin. She felt incredible, warm and soft; everything a woman should be.

Her hands were in my hair as we kissed. I reached up and wrapped my arms around her back, rolling us over so I was now on top of her. Our eyes locked as I moved slightly, positioning myself between her legs. I could feel the heat of her body, her moisture on the tip of my cock. I pressed my lips together, focusing on entering her slowly; partially because she said it had been so long since she’d had sex and partially because if I did what my body wanted, I’d slam myself into her so hard and so deep I’d likely come in seconds—something that wouldn’t be fun for either of us.

I could see myself in her eyes as I inched myself in. Inch by inch my cock was engulfed by her wetness. “Bella, you feel so good,” I moaned, lowering my head to her neck. Her body writhed beneath me, making it impossible for me to hold still any longer. Lifting my hips, I began moving in and out of her slowly. Her breath hitched as my cock rubbed inside her, pressing into her core. Dared I move faster? I wanted to, oh God I wanted to. I picked up the pace slightly. Again her breathing changed. Soft moans were now coming from her, encouraging me to go even faster.

Her hands, which had been on my back, lowered to my ass and much to my surprise and pleasure, she gripped my cheeks with both hands and pulled me in. “Please, Edward,” she cried out. “More...more...more…”

She really didn’t need to say it more than once. Her words and touch had me moving my hips at lightning speed. She screamed out in pleasure, and I growled when I felt her body tighten around mine. Her pussy was milking my cock for all it was worth, and I knew I’d only be able to hold off another few seconds. Biting down on her neck gently, I slammed my hips into hers, burying myself deep and unloading what felt like a gallon of sperm into her body.

Bella had gone quiet, and for a moment, I worried I’d gone too far, but one glance down at her told me she was in pure bliss. She smiled up at me. “I’d forgotten how good sex could feel.” She giggled. “Wait, let me rephrase that. I didn’t know sex could feel that good. I’ve never had an orgasm on the bottom.”

Well, if that didn’t make my ego explode. I leaned down and nipped at her nose, ignoring the bruise that was forming on her neck, where apparently I’d bitten down harder than I thought. “So, how do you usually come then?” I asked teasingly.

“You want me to show you?” she answered with a giggle.

“Not sure I’ve ever wanted to see anything more in the world,” I said honestly.

With another giggle, she grabbed onto me and flipped me onto my back, so she was once again on top. “Like this,” she moaned, grabbing my cock with her hand and sliding it between her legs. I was inside her once again. I couldn’t believe how fast I’d gotten hard. Maybe I’d never even gone soft.

Her hips moved in a rocking motion, swiveling in a circle occasionally. Her body rocked on mine, over and over. I felt her pussy, her clit against my abs and was shocked at how wet she was. It took me a moment to realize that our come had mixed together. It was hotter than hell to know that soon we’d both be adding to it.

Bella’s breasts were right in my face, bouncing and swaying. I couldn’t resist leaning up and capturing a nipple between my lips. Warm milk filled my mouth. I loved it. “Oh fuck Bella, you’re so perfect.” I moaned, moving to her other tit. I sucked hard and was rewarded with another taste of her milk.

She switched her position slightly, tucking her heels under her. Leaning forward, she placed her hands on my chest and began bouncing up and down. When I looked between us, I could see my cock going in and out of her pussy as she raised and lowered herself. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

Bella moved like that until her pace became so fast that she began rocking again. Our bodies were pressed together, her clit sandwiched between our bodies, grinding hard. “Oh.. oh… oh… EDWARD!” she screamed. I was positive anyone in the house could hear, and I didn’t care. My girl just came hard all over my body. She started to still, but I wouldn’t have any of that. I grabbed her hips and moved her up and down, fucking my cock with her body. “Edward!” she squealed, as I continued to move both her and my hips. “I’m… oh fuck… “  Yeah, she was coming again, and so was I. The moment my balls started to tighten, I slammed her down onto me hard and held her there as I erupted into her. Her nails dug into my chest as she arched her back.

I felt stream after stream of come fill her tight body until every muscle in mine seemed to relax. The same thing must have happened to her, because she fell forward, collapsing on my chest. Her hair was in my face, but I loved it.

Gently, I ran my fingers through her hair, touching and caressing. She had been as amazing in bed as I’d imagined, but she was more than that. She was smart and funny and there was something about her that drew me in to the point I couldn’t imagine living my life without her. Was it love? Oh, it hit me like a ton of bricks—I was in love with her. I wanted to say it right then and there, but it felt cliché, cheap. I didn’t want her to think I was saying it because she’d just had sex with me.

“That was amazing.” Her soft voice bringing me from my thoughts. My hands were still in her hair, gently playing.

“Did I hurt you? I got a little rough, I know.”

She sat up a bit and smirked. “I know. That was the best part.”

How my cock was still hard, I had no idea. Bella seemed to think it was funny because she smiled when it moved inside of her. “Ready again?”

Was she insane? Of course I was ready. I started to move my hips slowly, but she pushed off me and rolled onto her belly. At first I was confused, until she raised her ass in the air and wiggled it at me. Oh fuck. My cock, which was already hard, pointed right at her as I scrambled to my knees.

Moving behind her, I gripped her hips and began thrusting in and out of her quickly. Her tits swung wildly as I pounded into her from behind. I loved the sound of my skin slapping against her ass. It was raw and rough, and so unlike any sex I’d had.

Bella turned her head quickly, flipping her hair so she could look back over her shoulder at me. “More, Edward! More!”

Jesus fuck this girl was hot. I didn’t have much more. I was afraid if I went any harder or faster, I’d break her. I did though, and she loved it, her body moving with mine. A sheen of sweat covered her back, as well as my entire body. I wasn’t taking a break though, and she didn’t want me to. I lasted a lot longer the third time. It wasn’t until after reaching around and holding her breast with my left hand and rubbing her clit with my right that we finally both gave in and let our orgasms overtake us.

It might have been because I was filling her for the third time, or perhaps she’d just come that hard, but her own wetness ran down her legs as I pulled from her body. She languidly stretched forward, then rolled onto her back. The biggest smile in the world was on her face. “Oh Edward, holy hell that was intense.”

“Yeah, it was.” I also rolled onto my back, lying next to her.

We were both still breathing hard. “My god, I need a glass of water.” She giggled.

“As you wish!” I jumped out of bed. Water sounded great. I walked over to the small fridge that was tucked in the middle of built in shelves along a wall. I heard a giggle behind me.

“You have a great ass,” she commented.

“Yours is better,” I replied, grabbing two bottles of water from the fridge and heading back.

Bella’s eyes had been playful, but when I turned, she was focused in on my cock. She watched me walk all the way over to the bed, only looking up when I handed her the bottle of water. She downed half of it quickly, then screwed the cap on and smiled at me before standing up next to the bed, pulling the sheet up with her. My heart began to race. Was she leaving? “Is something wrong?” I asked, my voice full of concern.

“Well, I was, uh, going to go the the bathroom and also… um… clean up.” She blushed and indicated her entire lower half with her hand. I watched as she walked away, the sheet covering her front, but not her ass. “You’ve got a great ass too, you know,” I called after her.

A moment later, she called out from the bathroom. “Oh wow! Your bathroom is amazing. Look at this tub!”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I’ve never used it though,” I called back.

I heard the toilet flush and the water in the sink run before the door opened again.  “Are you serious? You’ve never taken a bath in that tub? If I lived here, I’d take a bath in it every day! I love baths.”

“You do live here,” I teased, getting up out of bed and walking over to her nude.

“You know what I mean, Edward.” She giggled, though her breath hitched as I got closer. I’d pictured Bella in the tub ever since Alice had told me what she did in there.

“Maybe it’s time I broke in that tub,” I whispered, running the back of my hand over her cheek. “Would you like to take a bath with me?”

“Yes,” she breathed out, turning her head and kissing my fingers, sucking one into her mouth. Again I wondered, what her mouth would feel like on my cock.

Taking her by the hand, we walked back into the bathroom. I turned on the faucets and let the hot water fill the tub. It would take a while, so I turned my attention back to Bella. Lifting her, I sat her on the vanity. “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look more beautiful than you do right now.” It was the truth. She was still wearing a bit of makeup from earlier in the evening, but most of it was worn off; her eyeliner was smudged and looking sexy as hell. Her hair was all messed up, falling in loose curls to her shoulders. There were several marks on her neck and breasts as proof of our love making. She was beyond hot.

She turned and looked at herself in the mirror. At first I thought she was going to argue that she wasn’t beautiful, but her eyes went to the marks on her neck. Her fingers traced them lightly. I was about to say I was sorry for them, but she smiled. “I feel sexy and beautiful.” She exhaled. “I always feel sexy and beautiful when you look at me.”

“Because you are always sexy and beautiful,” I whispered, lowering my head to her neck. We kissed until the tub filled. I didn’t even stop kissing her as I moved us to the hot water, her legs wrapped around my waist. I set her down in the water, then turned on the jets.

Before climbing in myself, I lowered the lights, lit a few candles and turned on some music. As Mazzy Star played, I entered the tub. She smiled, and in a moment she was back in my lap, legs around my waist, facing me. The water swirled around her breasts. The sight of her body in the candlelight was more than enough to get me hard. I lifted her up a bit, then gently lowered her down onto my erection.

Slowly, we moved to the music; her body in perfect sync with mine. Our eyes never left each other as we made love. It was very different from the pounding I’d just given her—more intimate. Her breath hitched over and again. I knew she was climaxing when she grabbed my shoulders. She bit her lower lip, her eyes hooded, but she stayed looking at mine. I’d never watched a woman come the way I was watching her. It might have been the feel of her pussy contracting on mine that drew out my own orgasm, but I believed it was the gift of watching her come undone like that.

Exhausted, she fell forward, her head on my chest. “Bella,” I whispered after a few minutes.

“Mmmhmmm?” she responded sleepily.

“May I bathe you?”

“Mmmmmm.” She sat up a bit. I grabbed a loofa and some body wash. I spent too much time on her breasts, but I loved making them soapy. I enjoyed the little moans she gave me as I washed her neck and arms. She turned and I washed her back, admiring how perfect her skin was everywhere.

“Now you have to lay back,” I said, grabbing the hand sprayer that was next to the faucet. I held it away from her, making sure the water was warm, before moving it to her hair. She sighed as I let the spray wet her hair. I turned it off and grabbed the shampoo. I had no idea how much to use. For myself I used a small drop in my hand, but she had ten times as much hair as I did, so I filled my hand. It might have been too much as there were suds everywhere, but Bella didn’t seem to mind. Her eyes remained closed as I massaged the shampoo into her scalp. I rinsed for a long time, but again, it was soothing and relaxing. I picked up the bottle of conditioner. I didn’t know a lot about women’s beauty routines, but I knew a lot of women used it. I put a bit less in my hand and worked it in. It didn’t foam up, but it made Bella’s hair soft and smooth. I rinsed that out too and pulled her into my arms. Her back was still to me, so I snaked my arms around her waist and held her close.

We stayed in the tub until the water cooled. Her head was on my chest and I couldn’t see her eyes to know if she was asleep. I’d been drawing lazy circles with my thumb on her breast. I felt her shiver. “Bella?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” she answered sleepily.

“I think we should get out now. The water’s getting cold and you’re shivering.”

“Okay,” she said just as dreamy. We stood slowly, and I jumped out of the tub, leaving her standing in the now tepid water. I grabbed a huge towel and wrapped it around her, picking her up and setting her on the floor next to me.

I dried myself quickly, as Bella walked back into the bedroom holding the big white towel tightly to her. “I can, um…” She trailed off and looked toward the door.

“Go?” I asked, horrified. “No! I mean, you can if you want to, but I’d really like you to sleep here with me tonight.”

She smiled at me, dropping the towel. “I’d love to sleep here.” I watched her walk the few feet to the bed and climb in. I dropped my towel and climbed in the other side. I’d never really been one for cuddling, but I wanted nothing more than to have Bella in my arms. She was a bit cold, her skin prickled with goose bumps.

“Baby, are you cold? Do you want a T-shirt or something?”

“No,” she mumbled, her lips against my chest. “Just hold me, please.”

I held her soft body in my arms and thought about how right it felt. She was beautiful and smart. She was an amazing mother to Elizabeth and was acting like a mother to Charlie. I knew she loved him and I thought she had feelings for me. There was no way what we’d done all night was just sex; it was love making. Bella was everything I’d ever wanted. It would take a bit of time before we could go public, in the meantime, I’d enjoy every moment with her we could get.

She moved slightly, her breathing evening out. “Bella, are you awake?” I asked softly. She didn’t respond. I didn’t think she could hear me, and perhaps that was what gave me the courage to just speak my mind. “I love holding you. I’d love to hold you forever. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted. Bella, I love you.” I sighed, closing my eyes in complete contentment, giving in to blissful sleep.